Marketing Through TikTok |The Ultimate Guide to Promote Your Business

TikTok! The most emerging social media platform for anything, literally anything!! From the trending dance moves to the creative business advertisements, we can find interesting pieces of stuff related to every topic and sector. Well, you surely know TikTok as the entertainment platform, the one where you find amazing videos to have fun. But if you’re a business owner who always seeks new and creative ways to promote business, TikTok is more than merely a fun platform. TikTok can be a brand new promising platform to escalate your business to the height of your dream. While marketing through TikTok seems to be quite an attractive method, it requires unique creativity and an in-depth understanding of the audience’s interest. To add a company to your journey of marketing through TikTok, we’re here with some amazing tips to begin your path on TikTok.

Why Marketing Through TikTok?

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and many more. There are a bunch of social media platforms that are widely used in the promotion of the business. Well, you might already have your business account on many of those platforms. Why create a business account on TikTok as well? Marketing through TikTok is not an easy task, it requires a lot of creativity and dedication. But if you’re to reach where you dream of, you can’t miss an opportunity to try something new. Here, my friend, something new, something promising, and something worth it is TikTok. Here’s why you need to use TikTok for marketing:

  1. TIKTOK IS TRENDING!!! The most prominent reason to use TikTok for promoting the business is that it’s the trend right now! You can see TikTok anywhere about anything. TikTok is the current trend among people of various age groups. You surely need to keep up with the trend to rock your business world.
  2. 1,000,000,000+ downloads all over the world with an average rating of 4.5 on the google play store, you can pretty much know how huge a platform TikTok is. Millions of people are using TikTok and are loving it. Well, the next thing they might love can be your business!
  3. For the platform like Facebook and Instagram, you’ll need people to follow you for seeing your marketing posts and stuff from you. But it’s not the case in TikTok! Whether you have a huge amount of followers or not, you’ll have the chance to go viral and build a crazy fan following.

The Ultimate Guide

1. Know Your Audience

Marketing through Tiktok

The audiences are the true gems and drive of any business. To promote the business through any platform including TikTok, you first need to understand who your targeted audiences are. There are various groups of audience and the same marketing strategy doesn’t work for all. You can’t use the same content for promoting the product or business amidst multiple types of audiences. There are multiple variables you need to keenly consider while creating the video for your audience using TikTok. Basically, analyze the following aspects of your targeted audience while creating the content:

Age: Age is the most important factor to be considered while marketing. Which age group is your targeted audience? The answer to this question largely affects the kind of video you need to create to promote your business.

Location: Where do your potential customer reside physically? Let your brand be national or international, knowing the area of service is highly essential.

Gender: While some business may get their gear on with the unisex content, some businesses require customized content according to gender.

Income Level: How much money does this group of audience earn? Are they cost-sensitive or are they willing to spend the worthy amount for a premium product?

Relationship Status: Promoting valentine’s day gifts for single people is worthless. Are your targeted audience single, committed, or married? This may be a relevant question for many businesses.

2. Explore Current Trends and Practices

Trends are the key to reach a large audience. Either you build a trend or you blend with the trend. If you surf through TikTok, you’ll see similar videos rolling now and then. Dance steps, the crazy challenges, or the testing the viral hacks, these types of videos are abundantly seen in TikTok. Well, you might have thought it by now! Yes, you need to create trendy videos with viral concepts. It’s not that you should always follow the trend and create trendy videos. Sometimes, you can just explore what’s going on and understand the interest and needs of the audiences. And, build the viral concept yourself!

Whether you follow the existing trend or create a trend yourself, the first step you need to adopt is to explore what’s going on around the corners. The interests and needs of the people are crystal clear through the current trend and practices. So, to make your business reach the next level of promotion, explore the hot trends and topics.

3. Build Entertaining Contents

Entertainment and more entertainment! That’s the basic motto of every TikTok user. Social media, mostly, is pillared by the users who deep down thrive to entertain themselves through entertaining contents floating all over the media. Though your business has nothing to do with entertainment, it’s highly important to focus on entertaining people while promoting your business through TikTok. No matter how worthy your products are, if your contents aren’t entertaining enough, no one’s going to go through your video. Brainstorm within your team and make sure your content can capture the interest of the scrollers.

TikTok is basically the entertaining platform. But if you wish to go other way by making the business out of it, you should primarily stick to the main motto of the platform, that is to ENTERTAIN!!

4. Try Including Influencers

No one can deny the fact that the influencers are the ones that are making products go viral within an instant of time. TikTok is full of influencers who have thousands of followers who are crazy for them. So, why not utilize their crazy fan following to promote your business. One of the worthy hacks for marketing through TikTok is including influencers in the process. Find out who are being widely recognized and followed by your targeted audiences in TikTok. Reach out to those influencers and make a win-win deal. Offer them monetary and other benefits and ask them to create exciting videos for your business. Posting content that promotes your business from an influencer’s account can help the business reach to new height of the success.

TikTok influencers are many in number these days. Explore who are loved by your probable audiences and include them in your marketing program. Trust me! This hack will do a lot good to your business.

5. Focus on Informing, Not Selling

Nobody on TikTok wants to be told to buy something while they are surfing to have fun. Though your deep-down motive is to increase sales and promote your business, this can’t directly be expressed through TikTok videos. You can’t just simply post a video of your product and ask people to buy it. This leads to a high chance of decreasing your followers rather than increasing. So, focus on informing people about your products instead of selling the products. Think of the areas where your product and business can be used and create informative videos that narrate the use of your product in people’s life. Once people are informed, buying the products is their decision. Well, when people know about the products that are worthy, chances are high that they will buy the product sooner or later.

Create TikTok videos that inform people. Stop begging people to buy your products. Instead, show them how worthy your products are and get ready for the overwhelming sales.

6. Be A Part of The Creator’s Group

Creator’s Group in Facebook

Businessmen who are trying their best to promote their business through TikTok just like you are many in numbers. Marketing through TikTok is one of the best ways to strengthen the business. No wonder why many entrepreneurs are into it. You can make a great benefit out of it. There are multiple groups on various social media platforms where people with similar visions gather to share their ideas. Explore the groups in various social media or even the physical groups that share the common goal of marketing through TikTok. When you join such groups, you can get access to multiple knowledge and ideas of a number of people that are different and unique from yours. It’s always said that more the minds, more the new ideas.

TikTok is utilized by many to promote their business. And evidently, there are various groups created in order to have a common platform to share knowledge, curiosity, and new ideas with people with common interests. Find such groups and join today!

7. Be Consistent and Post on The Right Time

Consistency is key in everything. Let’s say you follow an account that rarely posts any content, eventually, you will feel that the account isn’t worthy to follow as it doesn’t share in a consistent manner. When you enter into TikTok for marketing, make sure you make up your mind to dedicate your time and energy enough to keep the sake of your business. Posting interesting content in your account in a steady and uniform way is really important when it comes to maintaining followers and promoting your business.

The next thing that comes along with consistency is posting at the right time! In the above-given figure, you can see the timetable ideal for posting on TikTok created through analysis of thousands of viral and highly engaging posts. Don’t just randomly post at any time you feel like posting, your motto isn’t just to post but to create worthy engagement with each post. So, post exciting content at the right time to gain maximum engagement because time really matters!

8. Interact With Your Audiences

It’s with evidence that those business which respond to the comments and queries of their audience are more successful than those who don’t. When you post videos with interesting content at the right time, it’s a high chance that the audiences will have various queries and curiosities regarding your business. So, naturally, you’ll get comments, messages, and even calls that related to your business. You must respond to those comments and queries on time! Interacting with the audience is one of the most important aspects when it comes to business promotion. Whenever it is required, interact with your audiences and be there when the audience needs you!

Audiences love when the business owners provide an impromptu response to their comments. Interact with the audience in every way possible to scale up your business.

9. Use TikTok’s Live Feature

TikTok has a special feature that lets the account interact with its audience in real-time. TikTok’s live feature is widely useful to promote the business. Once there are 1000 followers, TikTok allows you to live stream your videos to promote your business in a more effective way. Gaining a thousand followers can be challenging at first. But when you follow the right steps in your journey of marketing through TikTok, 1000 followers is a small number. If you already have a thousand followers, start live streaming through TikTok and disperse interesting content. If you are still on your way to gain 1000 followers, work hard for it and make up your mind for more exciting content.

TikTok has an excellent feature that enables you to live-stream your videos and instantly interact with the audiences through comment section. Brainstorm the idea for live streaming now and go for it!

10. Lastly, Know Your Competitors

Let’s get this straight! You aren’t the only one who is trying to promote the business through TikTok!! There are a number of similar businesses like yours who is trying to promote the same product like yours. Similarly, there are multiple videos in TikTok with same content and idea. So, your competitors are many both in outside world and in TikTok world. Well, getting scared by the competitors isn’t an option in this competitive market. Instead, competitors can be used to create more exciting content and stronger business. Analyze the market and know who your competitors are! Keep an eye on your competitors, see what they’re up to and what are their marketing strategies. I’m not saying you to copy their ideas. But you can surely better your performance when you know what your competitors are doing to promote their business. You can positively utilize your competitors and stand out from others!

Luckily, business in these days have a lot of platforms to promote their business. And, TikTok is, without any doubt, one of the best platforms. We’ve helped from our side by giving you some worthy guides. Now it’s your turn to implement these guidelines and rock your business!

Why is The Online Payment Options Important for Your Online Store?

Everything is getting digital, right? From the shopping we love to the assignments we do, the internet is the basic medium. With the internet taking over every possible area, trade and commerce don’t remain untouched. In fact, the internet has changed the course of trade in the present context. People are shifting their traditional business to online business. eCommerce is the most practiced as well as the fruitful form of commerce in many parts of the world including Nepal. Since you’re reading this article, it’s pretty much sure that you either run eCommerce, plan to engage in eCommerce in the near future or you’ve got a keen interest in eCommerce. Online payment methods are getting popular these days. Since eCommerce is an online form of commerce, online payment methods are obviously the innate part of eCommerce. 

So, why is online payment options really significant for the online store? From the directly visible benefits to the hidden values, we have listed the major reason behind the importance of the online payment options in an online store: 

1. Secure Payment Process

Carrying cash on the bag and proceeding to pay for something is much of a tiresome and task, right? Fear of theft and loss of money is pretty much common in physical payment whereas online payment saves us from all the fearful possibilities. The online payment processes are secure to carry on in many ways. Firstly, the payment process is free of any theft, loss, or fraud. Secondly, the whole payment process is supported by the strong evidence of the payment statement. Thus, the customers feel secure while using the method of online payment.

2. Instant Response and Acceptance

Electronic payment is a matter of just a few minutes. Whilst physical payment takes a lot of time to reviewed and accepted, the online payment process gives instant response and accepts the payment within a few moments. When an online store accepts online payment methods, it ensures reliability and faster service. Online payment methods help online stores to be more prompt and responsive in their payment process. Through, SMS and Emails, the customers are instantly notified about the transactions when they make payment through an online medium. This surely helps the online store to stand out!

3. The Larger Horizon of Customers

The most important benefit of the internet in any field is that it provides unlimited access. Similarly, electronic payment methods help the online store to accept payment from customers anywhere around the world. Let’s suppose the customer is in Jhapa but you’re the store in Kathmandu. The customer orders from your store. You’ve got the courier company ready to deliver the product. But what about the payment? How will you receive the payment? With the presence of an online payment method, you don’t need to worry about that. You can instantly receive the payment. Therefore, with the online payment method, you can serve customers who are far from your physical horizon of service.

4. Quality Customer Experience

Indeed the electronic payment method helps the customers to have a quality experience shopping with you. Various reliable features of the online payment methods like an instant response, secure payment, quicker processes, and many more facilitate the customers to make their shopping smooth and tension-free. The most important part of the shopping i.e. payment is made easier and faster by the electronic payment system. Thus, payment methods that use the internet increase the quality of customer service resulting in a quality customer experience. Customer experience is the key that decides the future of any store.

5. A platform for Marketing Opportunities

Electronic payment portfolios aren’t just the method for payment. They are the platforms that create marketing opportunities too. Affiliate marketing is possible through the electronic payment method in two ways. Either you can promote the particular online payment site in your online store’s site by taking the commission or you can let the online payment sites promote your online store for better reach. Both ways can be beneficial for your online store. If the electronic payment site that’s widely in use promotes your online store, the customers’ reach, as well as sales, can surely increase.

6. Time and Energy Saving

If the customer has to pay you through bank deposit, the time and energy required in bank processes are huge and tiring. On the other hand, if the customer prefers Cash on Delivery, your online store needs to send the staff to collect the cash and prepare the receipt card. Both of these possibilities need a lot of time and energy. But, with the payment methods that use the internet, neither the customers need to yawn thinking about the long queue in the bank nor you’ve to worry about preparing the receipt card. Everything is done digitally saving valuable time and energy.

7. Finally, Lowers risk of Communicable Infections

At last but not least, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it mandatory to think about the transmission of viruses and infections. Online payments are cashless and digital. Moreover, there is no physical contact if the electronic medium of payment is used. This surely decreases the risk of transmission of not only the SARS CoV-2 but also hundreds of communicable infections. Going digital and using the internet to receive any payment from the customers can save you from getting infected. It’s not that the electronic payment method eliminates the risk of infections, it surely lowers the risk by lowering the physical contact.

Online payment systems are beneficial for online businesses as well as customers in many ways. With everything getting digital, payment systems need to be electronic too since the contributions of electronic payment methods are awesome.

Tips and Tricks: Make Social Media The Fuel for eCommerce Success

Social Media! The virtual world lets you see every unseen part of the real world. Social media has benefitted every user in some way. From normal users whose motive is to have fun and explore to the entrepreneurs who dream of success, everyone has found social media worthy of use. Well, you’ve read the title of the blog, clicked it, and reached up to here! So, it won’t be wrong to assume that you’re someone who’s into business and hopes social media can contribute to your dreams. Let’s get this straight! Your hope is absolutely in right place and you’re investing your time on the right blog! Social media for eCommerce is one of the best tricks you can adopt.

Social media can do wonders in your business and it’s proven! If you’re still not sure if social media can be the fuel for eCommerce success, check out this evidence! But if you already believe social media can help you out with your business and are looking for solid tips and tricks, we can surely help you a bit! Check out these proven ideas to use in social media for eCommerce:

1. Show Your Presence Everywhere

Let me ask you a question! Do you notice the person if you see him/her everywhere? Bus station, cafe, college, workplace, you see the person everywhere. So, you’ll surely remember the person. The same is with your eCommerce! The first tip that can come in handy is “Create an account for your business on a possible site.” Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin! If your probable customers can be the user of the site, create an account on that site immediately. Each social media site has its own unique reach. Combining the features and reach of multiple sites can do benefit your business.

The same user can be active on multiple social sites which means your chance of reaching the user is high and so is your odds of gaining new customers. But wait! Some users prefer some specific sites only, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to reach out, do you? So, visit the social sites and click on “Create New Account” right now!

2. Be Active and Post Irressistible Contents

You might have an account on all the social sites. But, is that all you need? Is it enough to make social media fuel for eCommerce? Well, NO! Having just an account is of no use if you aren’t active on the site. To gain new followers on the site, you must have amazing content. No one wants to follow the site that posts boring stuff and is barely active. If you look back on your following lists, there might be accounts that are interesting to follow and active. The same is with other users. For you to be successful in eCommerce through social media, you need to see through the lenses of random users. Know what the users want to see and post amazing content consistently.

Hire that solid graphic designer! Make someone research about the interesting issues going on the market! Involve that amazing writer in your team! Do whatever it takes to make your social media account just WOW!

3. Collaborate with Influencers

Do you know who people follow and trust the most these days? Well, they are the influencers. Anyone can be influencers if he/she has a good fan following and tend to inspire, motivate, or change people’s mind. Whether a person is a public figure or just a normal person, being an influencer doesn’t do a background check. So, finding an influencer to collaborate with you isn’t that hard but the results you see will surely make you wooze! People are crazy when it comes to influencers. They blindly trust them, wanna be like them, and follow them widely. And the social media world has made it, even more, easier for influencers to influence people. Why not use this influencer’s amazing power to your benefit?

Explore who are the best influencers that fit your business. Contact one of them or many if you wish to increase the benefit. It may cost you some investment but ROI you get is chilling. Make influencers your brand ambassadors! See what this does to your business!

4. Run Digital Marketing Ads

The days are gone when the only ads you needed to rely on were high-budget newspaper and television ads. With social media ruling the current world, advertisements aren’t limited to anything. In every social media platform, you can easily run the ads and you know what? The advertisements can be run targeting audiences of any age, gender, occupation, place, and many more. The digital marketing campaign can be proven to be the most effective promotional campaign if run smartly. You can yourself run the ads or hire a digital marketing company to look over. You can boost and promote simple information posts to the complex animation video, there aren’t any criteria.

One of the strategies you can’t miss after entering the social media world is digital marketing ads. Here’s some additional good news too! A limited budget won’t be any problem! $100 or $1000, there’s always the open door for the campaigns.

5. Interact with Audiences

Communication! That’s the key to success in any eCommerce. The customers don’t get to observe the products directly, they don’t visit the store physically, neither do they get a chance to communicate with you in person! But, they are supposed to trust the business and be your customers, right? On what basis shall they put their trust? Is the good quality of product all you need? Does the reasonable price grab all the trust? Well, NO! It’s the communication you carry on with the audiences that convert them to your audience. Social media for eCommerce gives you a wide range of opportunities to communicate with the audiences you target! Direct messages, comments, reviews, communicate everywhere possible.

If your audiences don’t get a proper response from you, how are they supposed to know your service and products are genuine? The audience needs to witness a decent communication pattern from you! Never miss a chance to talk with your audiences!

6. Keep Up with Your Competitors

“Competition is the good thing, it forces us to give our best.” Your competitors are your biggest motivation, have you really thought this way? Imagine having no one in the market to compete with, do you think you would be making the same effort as you do now? Of course no! With competition, we tend to push ourselves to the best limit we can. So, competitors are also an important part of the eCommercial success for they bring out the highest level of effort from you. Keep an eye on what your competitors are up to! See what kind of strategies they are adopting to be the best in the market. Maybe, some amazing ideas can click your head. Trust me, competition will bring on pretty amazing policies in your business.

With social media, it’s as easy as eating a slice of cake to know about the competitor’s status. You can just visit their page, and their efforts can be clearly seen because social media is a primary tool these days.

7. Keep All The Information on the Sites

Imagine someone visiting your eCommerce page on social media, being interested in the products, and knowing more details. But oops! There are no contact details on the site to directly reach out to you! Well, a private chat is available but many customers don’t want to bother messaging the page and waiting long for a single response. They look for contact numbers, WhatsApp contacts, or email addresses. Also, if you own a physical store as well, keeping the information of the store on the site will add a brick of trust. The eCommerce site with no piece of information or moderately insufficient information can be tagged as unreliable one. You decide your take!!

Keeping the information that you already know isn’t much of a deal. But, missing this basic step can lead to major loss to your business. Any information that relates to eCommerce must be on the site’s public visibility.

8. Organize Multiple Engaging Online Contests

Here’s something social media users love! Participating in the contests and having the possibility of winning something exciting. Online contests keep audiences interested and active. You can implement online contests and announce the exciting prize for the winners. Build the rules of the games in such a way that it benefits your reach and brand promotion. Attract people with the prizes and use their engagements to increase the reach of the brand. All you need to do is think of exciting contests, invest a little, and make the contest reach the audience. You will need to focus on promoting the contest at first and after that, the contest will promote your brand. If you try to recall the online contests you’ve witnessed, you will see a promotional motto behind it. Well, that’s some pretty smart step to take up for brand promotion!

Social media for eCommerce can be used in multiple ways and the results can be pretty soothing. Smarter the usage of social media, better the success of the brand. The social media world has unlocked numerous possibilities of success for eCommerce, utilize it and get ready for some hit on your business!

Want to Reach Larger Potential Customers? You Can Now!

Have you ever wondered about the unreached people who could have been your customers? How successful your store would be if it had a decent reach to the possible customers?

Somewhere within the circumference of your market, someone is searching for the exact goods and services you’re offering. But, they might be completely unaware of your store. That’s sad to know, right?

Well, every business enthusiasts dream of reaching large people and convert them to customers. The exciting process of gaining new customers begins with the significant basic step of marketing to reach the people who’d love to be your customers. The market is huge and so is the variety of requirements, needs, and interests of the people. You’d be happy to know that someone would feel extremely fortunate and relaxed to discover your store for fulfilling their needs. So, all you need to do is display your existence in an impactful way.

You can’t have people deal with you unless they know who you’re and what you’ve to offer.

Since you know the importance of reaching potential customers, you might have a question in your mind. How can I influence people to make them my customers? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Follow these ideas and witness your success:

1. Partnership: A genuine hack

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. The famous quote by Helen Keller holds deep meaning. When watching TV or attending popular events, you might’ve noticed the advertisement and marketing of many brands. You watched TV to see your favorite movie. You attended a program to know more about the things you love. BOOM! Now, you know about a new brand and it’s services. Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s the power of marketing. You reach those people whom you can’t reach alone. Partnership and collaboration are crucial for any store and business.

reach larger potential customers
  • Do paid advertisements in TVs and newspapers.
  • Sponsor various public events.
  • Collaborate with similar businesses.

2. Blog Posts: Connect Deeply

Blogging is one of the newest and fruitful methods of marketing. No matter what your business is, blog posts can drive you to a better reach. Blog posts are cherry on top of your marketing strategy. When we’re curious about something, we quickly Google it. And read relevant posts about the topic. So, basically, we go through blog posts every now and then. Top-class blogging can change the fate of your business.

  • Write blogs about the most common thing relevant to your business that people want to know.
  • Optimize your blog posts for SEO.
  • Share the blog posts in social media handles.
  • Have a creative way of branding. For example, if your business is an eCommerce software that creates online stores, instead of writing posts about what your software does, write about how to start and handle an online store. And, mention your site as the provider of the service they’re seeking for.

3. The Larger World: Social Media

Physically, we witness a small part of the world at a time. But, when it comes to virtual, the world is in our hands, isn’t it? We can reach any number of people we want to. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Tweeter, YouTube, and so on. There are numerous public sites through which you can reach your possible customers. Create social media handles for your business and stay active. Leave proof of existence through social media. Social media is the virtual world and it is obviously larger than the world you get to see.

reach larger customers
  • You don’t want to miss any of your probable customers, do you? So, create social media accounts of your business in every possible site.
  • Stay active and constantly post creative stuff.
  • Present your products and services on social media through photos, videos, illustrations, and many more.

4. Fans to Customers: Outreach Plan

Are you a fan of any public figure? Do you constantly follow your favorite celebrity? If yes, you might’ve found them sharing gifts they received from some commercial business. You might’ve even heard them recommending stuff they’ve used. Yes, you guessed it right! That’s a clever marketing strategy. In fact, this plan can assure you a significant gain in new customers. Because fans and followers are loyal and trust their ideal’s work and recommendations. Send gifts to influencing personalities and ask them to share it with their followers. You can even appoint public figures as the brand ambassador of your business.

reach larger potential customers

You can include following groups of people in your outreach plan:

  • Social media influencers
  • Popular vloggers
  • People from the media and entertainment industry

5. Virtual Marketing: Real Customers

Well, over the course of time, everything has started to become virtual. All you need is a working electronic device and access to the internet to do anything you wish for. Taking this virtual revolution into consideration, digital marketing is one of the must-adopt strategies. Don’t you think we’re a blessed generation? Marketing is now not limited to door-to-door sales and printed advertisements. Every virtual platform offers ways to promote yourself. So, why not utilize the advanced techniques of virtual marketing to gain real customers?

There are number of digital marketing methods like:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertisement (PPC)
  • Email Marketing

6. Spice Things Up: Exciting Contests

Do you love contests and games? Well, most people do. They’re fun to participate in and rewarding too. Organizing various competitions and games can amazingly help you reach people and win their hearts. It’s a tricky way of promoting your business. Why just be a mainstream promoter when you can be a spicy one? Plan for a contest that relates to your business, promote the contest to ensure maximum participation and see how your reach to the potential customers increases dramatically. There are lots of physical and virtual platform through which exciting promotion plans can be executed.

  • Organize social media contests. It’s wise to make sharing of your business mandatory for participation. People will spread your business within their network for the sake of winning the contest.
  • Participate in conferences and camps where you could plan exciting games for the participants.
  • Plan contest, competition, and games for various exciting occasions that are celebrated by general people like New Year, Dashain & Tihar, Christmas, Constitutional Day, and so on.

7. Multisectoral Approach: Reach Differently

Business is not just about only one thing. Like every other thing in the world, the services you provide and the goods you offer always have multiple dimensions. So, when you’re promoting your business for better reach and new customers, you should keep in mind the factors that are linked with your service. To illustrate, if you’re a store of mobile phones and gadgets, reach people by reminding them how memorable life would be when precious moments are captured as photos and videos, how productive study would be when every required reference materials are precisely accessed and how time-saving life would be when important works are possible through a single click. Relate different aspects of life with the offers you have.

  • Analyze your business and list out the factors that are directly or indirectly related to it.
  • Take advantage of special occasions and explain to people about the services you have that could make the day better.
  • Plan new exciting offers according to the current trend. Sometimes, creating TikTok videos become a trend, sometimes certain makeup styles and clothing styles are in trend, and many more. So, interpret the scenario and create a multisectoral approach.

8. Existing Customers: Precious Treasure

Since we’re talking about increasing our reach to the potential new customers, how can we forget the importance of existing customers? Customers are valuable pearls for any business. They not only sustain your business but also help to expand the current horizon of success. So, the next time you’re thinking about the ways to increase your business, don’t miss to analyze how you’re treating current customers. To have new ones, you must first satisfy your current ones. Networking is the number one unwritten rule of success. So, establish an amazing network with your existing customers by satisfying them to gain the new ones.

  • Offer first-class goods and services and maintain excellent customer care services. Customer satisfaction lies there!
  • Ask your loyal customers to recommend your business to their networks.
  • Handle complaints professionally. Accept feedback and work on them. There’s always a chance for being better.

Gear up and start adopting these amazing techniques of marketing! Nothing is impossible when you’ve creative plans and enthusiasm to implement them. The ball is in your court!

Find Out the Different Types of eCommerce Model

Since the evolution of eCommerce over a couple of decades ago, it has been replacing traditional trade in many ways. In fact, eCommerce business models have expanded so much that we are part of electronic commerce every now and then. Compare your shopping ways before around 5 years ago and at the present. Well, surely you can find the difference. Visiting the store to buy stuff has been an old way. We’re used to surfing through the internet to find the things we love and get it delivered to our doorsteps. Though eCommerce just focuses on digital buying and selling of goods and services, it has multiple types that have their own unique features.

There are two bases for classifying eCommerce. One is the traditional types of eCommerce which are currently in practice. And the other one is the modern types which have just started to evolve and may rule the market in the future.

Firstly, let’s know about the traditional eCommerce business models that have been the base of today’s trade market:

1. Business to Business (B2B)

Find Out the Different Types of eCommerce Model

When the business sells goods or services to another business via online channels, it’s Business to Business eCommerce. The goods and services aren’t directly sold to individual consumers. Sometimes the buyer business is the end-user. But in some cases, the goods and services are resold to customers. B2B has a long sales cycle as the products to be traded are of high value and making a deal requires lots of thoughts and preciseness. The deals made in B2B eCommerce are usually recurring.

An example of B2B eCommerce can be a food delivery business buying packaging materials, storage boxes, etc. from a logistics company. A business buying different materials from a manufacturing company to resell it to consumers is also B2B eCommerce.

2. Business to Consumer (B2C)

When a business sells goods and products directly to the end-user i.e. consumer through online channels, it’s Business to Consumer eCommerce. B2C is one of the most common types of eCommerce. Most of the businesses adopt this model of eCommerce. However, B2C has a shorter sales cycle and the deals are usually non-recurring. Though B2C eCommerce might’ve higher orders, the average value is lower than B2B eCommerce. This model includes not only the products but also the services.

Buying and selling of clothes, groceries, furniture, etc. is part of B2C eCommerce. Also, booking a plumbing service for your house from an online platform is a B2C eCommerce.

3. Consumer to Business (C2B)

Find Out the Different Types of eCommerce Model

In Consumer to Business eCommerce, the consumers sell the goods and products to the business, either for the use of business or for the purpose of reselling. This type of eCommerce model allows consumers to have the power to sell their unique creations to the businesses. Sometimes the businesses use the products for their own requirements, making them the end-users. And sometimes the business buys the product from the consumers, puts on profit margin, and resells them to other consumers. C2B eCommerce model is a great platform for the consumers who have their own product to el in the market without forming their own business line.

The common example of C2B eCommerce can be people offering stock photos and guest blog posts to a business. Similarly, people selling their own scientific inventions to business for it be sold to other consumers through the company is also a kind of C2B eCommerce.

4. Consumer to Consumer (C2C)

Consumer to Consumer eCommerce is also the popular type of eCommerce model followed widely by the general population. In this model, the business connects the consumers so that they can directly exchange goods and services through the help of an open online platform. The business makes the money by charging transactions or listing fees. But business doesn’t directly involve in selling or buying goods and services. This model of eCommerce has been providing individuals to involve in trade in an easy way.

eBay, are the popular C2C eCommerce sites.

Besides, some of the eCommerce models are just emerging and can be the popular ones in the future. The modern emerging eCommerce business models are slowly pacing up and adapting to the market. These models change the mainstream definition of eCommerce which is digital buying and selling products to consumers. These eCommerce models help businesses to act as third parties in Government activities and ease the citizen’s work. Find out about some new eCommerce models below:

1. Business to Administration:

Also known as the Business to Government eCommerce model, it refers to the trade between Business as suppliers and Government Body as a consumer. The business helps Government bodies as a third party to perform various activities such as keeping a record of their citizens, develop e-services, legal documents. social security and many more.

2. Consumer to Administration:

This model of eCommerce comprises all the activities that take place between public people and the Government via online channels. C2A eCommerce creates an easy communication channel between Government bodies and citizens. Filling online PAN Card Application, Registering company through an online site, applying for a driving license all fall under Consumer to Administration eCommerce.

Various forms of eCommerce have helped the businesses as well as consumers to adopt easier methods of trade. Besides eCommerce has been providing opportunities for businesses as well as consumers to expand wider horizons and possibilities in buying and selling goods and services.

Top Delivery Companies in Nepal | Updated List 2020 |

Well, it’s almost impossible for us to reach every place in the world at the given time, right? But, our works and conditions might be inclusive of any places. Sometimes, someone who is far away urgently requires some major stuff. And, most of the business needs a frequent exchange of documents and packages. Likewise, if you run an online store, it’s the part of the business to deliver goods to your customers. Let it be for business goals or individual necessities! We need various stuff to be transferred somewhere far from where we are. And, in most cases, we need a third party to get our works done. Thanks to Delivery Companies for being the vital agent!

If you’ve to deliver something within Nepal or if you need to import/export any goods, we’ve tried to make things easier for you. Here is the list of top private courier companies in Nepal:

1. NepXpress Cargo and Courier

Top Delivery Companies in Nepal

NepXpress Cargo and Courier Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best delivery companies in Nepal. The company is committed to providing instant home delivery that is cheap as well as reliable. It targets to support eCommerce and startups to make their venture successful.

Special Features

  • Local Shipments ( Same Town) are done within 2 hours.
  • Delivery service is provided to all places of Nepal within 3 to 5 business days.
  • Worldwide exports/imports are also done within 5 working days.
  • Services like urgent petrol, bike and taxi rent, laundry service, etc are available.
Phone No. +(977) 01-4783933 / 34

2. Namaste Cargo Nepal

Namaste Cargo Nepal Pvt. Ltd. offers a worldwide exchange of goods. Through the connection with various nationwide and global companies, Namaste Cargo Nepal Pvt. Ltd. has been providing reliable shipping service since 2017 AD. The cheap rates and quality service makes it one of the top delivery companies in Nepal.

Special Features:

  • The company provides air and land transport, sea freight, mail, and import/export services.
  • Namaste Cargo Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is beneficial not only for shipping purposes but also for the storage of goods and products as it has warehouse facilities too. 
Phone No. +977 01 4700720 / 4239895

3. Fast Movers Nepal

Top Delivery Companies in Nepal

With the objective to support the online and corporate business. Fast Movers Nepal Pvt. Ltd. has been performing pick-up and dispatch services both outside and inside Nepal. It aims to serve individuals, as well as companies, to complete their required works within the desired time. Moreover, Fast Movers Nepal Pvt. Ltd. has 10 regional offices and 45 branches to ensure the largest area of service.

Special Features:

  • Free pickup and door-to-door shipment services are provided despite the quantity of the parcel. This service can surely save your time and money.
  • Fast Movers Pvt. Ltd. provides Home Delivery within the same day, Overnight Delivery, and 24-hour Shipping in all places of the country.
  • It provides full insurance for all the packages. The parcels are fully insured, so in case of any loss, both parties will be covered.
Phone No.  01-4496944 / 4491209

4. Nepal Express Parcel & Logistics

Nepal Express Pvt. Ltd. has been bridging the gap between the shipper and the receiver. Its services can be utilized both in Nepal as well as in other countries. As a result, Nepal Express’s clients are many and diverse. The clients include business and trading houses, export industries, B2B, and individuals all around the globe.

Special Features:

  • The company acts as a medium or agent between consumers and producers. It provides information about any goods, available in Nepal.
  • Also, Nepal Express Pvt. Ltd. handles the personal packages, gift parcels, tokens, handicraft objects, and business parcels to any address of the world at a cheap rate.
Phone No. +977 01 4233557

5. Super Kinetic Nepal

Top Delivery Companies in Nepal

Super Kinetics Nepal Pvt. Ltd. has been offering shipment services since 1990 AD. It was first registered as Kinetic Courier Pvt. Ltd. and renamed as Super Kinetic Nepal Pvt. Ltd. in 1999 AD. With more than two decades of great service, it is one of the most famous and trusted delivery companies in Nepal.

Special Features:

  • Super Kinetic Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is the largest and strongest dispatcher service provider in Nepal. It covers the self-network of more than 115 service points throughout Nepal.
  • Also, the company has 25 routes within Kathmandu Valley to assure the quickest delivery within the town.
Phone No. +977 01-4240395 / 01-4261666

6. Delivery Sewa Company

As the name itself is pretty self-explanatory, Delivery Sewa Company Pvt. Ltd. provides dispatcher services all over Nepal. All the delivery needs like sending parcels, documents, goods, fragile items, and large loads are handled by the company. So, you don’t need to worry about finding different companies for various delivery needs.

Special Features:

  • Same day delivery is available within Kathmandu Valley, Banepa, Dhulikhel, Janakpur, and Pokhara.
  • Global shipment is available to more than 200 countries.
  • On the other hand, you can even hire experts to get your work done within 1-5 hours.
  • Email and SMS notification about the delivery status is provided.
Phone No.+977 9851225679

7. Pacific Cargo Nepal

Top Delivery Companies in Nepal

Pacific Cargo Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is handling delivery services since 2005 AD. With more than 300 projects completed till the date, the company colludes with many national and global brands. Furthermore, the company assures cost-friendly, time-saving, and secure shipment.

Special Features

  • Firstly, Pacific Cargo Nepal provides all modes of shipments like road cargo, air freight, sea freight, and ground transport.
  • Secure warehousing service for the storage of goods and products makes it one of the esteemed courier companies in Nepal.
Phone No.+977 01 4413752

8. Direct Way Cargo Nepal

Direct Way Cargo

Direct Way Cargo Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is comprised of a highly motivated group of people who have more than 18 years of in-depth knowledge and experience in freight services around the world. The company has been working for the welfare of local communities of Nepal since the earthquake of 2015 AD.

Special Features

  • Warehouse as well as the service of secure packaging is provided by the company.
  • It offers the provision of insurance for all the products. Both auto-insurance, as well as added insurance, is available based on the goods and mode of delivery.
Phone No.+977 01 5350337 / 5316559

9. NPL Parcel

Top Delivery Companies in Nepal

NPL Parcel Pvt. Ltd. has well-established trust and fame among many organizations. It has become known among Business houses, Projects, Banks, Exporters, Government, and Non-Government Organizations, etc. It provides steady and cheap shipment services in all places of Nepal and across various countries.

Special Features:

  • The company provides the safe storage of goods, files, packages, etc. within a specified place.
  • Also, NPL Parcel Pvt. Ltd. has been specializing in all types of goods by means of the best packing.
Phone No. +977 01 4254422

10. Speedex Worldwide


Established in 2011, Speedex Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. offers domestic as well as worldwide delivery services. Mainly, the company has collaborated with multiple national and international brands to ensure the best services to its customers.

Special Features:

  • Firstly, Speedex Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. manages all the work of exports and imports meeting all the legal conventions.
  • All kinds of services like Airport to Door, Door to Airport, Door to Door, and mixed-mode will help you to meet your shipment needs.
Phone No.+977 – 1-4480405 / 4481232

A piece of information and advice for online business! Most of the courier firms collaborate with eCommerce businesses. Choosing the best delivery company is important to grow your business. Thus, reach out to any courier company you like and create partnerships. We can’t reach everywhere, but we can surely unite with someone who has the ability to get things done for us.

List of Packaging and Paper Bag Companies in Nepal

List of Packaging and Paper Bag Companies in Nepal

There are two packages containing the same product, one of which looks poorly covered and the other one has beautiful packaging and is kept in a high-quality bag. Let’s consider you are offered to choose one. Which one would you go for? Well, it’s not that hard to guess you would go for the one with standard packaging, right?

Everyone loves to receive something wrapped inside a beautiful package. Let it be receiving a gift or buying a product from the store, the way of packaging plays a vital role in impacting the receiver’s mind. Well, if you own a shop, shipping company, or have a large business of selling products, the importance of excellence in packaging is pretty explanatory. The attractive packaging of products is a plus point for your business and customized bags are the way to retain customers. There are various companies in Nepal that produce and sell packages and paper bags. Finding one and creating the packages for your company’s product can be a wise step. Since it might be a time-consuming task for you to find the right company, we thought of helping you a bit. Here’s the list of top packaging and paper bag companies in Nepal with their contact details:

1. Nepalaya Paper and Packaging Industries Pvt. Ltd.   

List of Packaging and Paper Bag Companies in Nepal

With more than two decades of experience in paper production and packaging service, the company has provided excellent services to around 1000 clients. The company offers custom design and packaging solutions in a cost-effective and quality-ensured manner. Not only the packaging but Napalaya Packaging Pvt. Ltd. can also help you with Designing, Storage, and Distribution. So, it’s pretty much an all-in-one partner that can contribute to excel your business.

Phone No.+977-9851165485

2. Deep Paper Bag Industries Pvt. Ltd.  


One of the popular packaging and paper bag companies in Nepal, the Deep Paper Bag Industries Pvt. Ltd. is well known among entrepreneurs for its remarkable products and services. All kinds of paper packages and bags like jewelry bags, food packages, stationery items, etc. are made and provided at a fair price. The industry focuses on producing environment-friendly products by making them paper-based. The client can order the bag and package of any size, color, and design. 

Phone No.+977 9813579597

3. Jamarko                                                                                                                

List of Packaging and Paper Bag Companies in Nepal

Established in 2001 AD with the aim of conserving the environment and providing employment to the minor group of people, mainly women, Jamarko is one of the leading producers and suppliers of paper products in Nepal. Apart from paper bags, various handmade paper crafts like calendars, notebooks, greeting cards, and many more are available at Jamarko Pvt. Ltd. The customer can choose from the readymade designs or provide their own design for better branding. The special feature of this company is that it uses waste papers and recycles them into amazing and creative paper products. 

Phone No.+977 01-4351050

4. Shree Ganapati Box Industries Pvt. Ltd.

List of Packaging and Paper Bag Companies in Nepal

Since 1992 AD, the industry has been providing packaging services to various sectors. A range of products including brown, white, and folded cardboard boxes, paper bags, shipping packages for any application is offered by the company. Shree Ganapati Box Industries Pvt. Ltd. has been one of the leading packaging and paper bag companies serving in Nepal for nearly three decades. Boxes for households, offices, and other industries are available at affordable cost and great quality.

Phone No. +977 9851139777

5. Get Paper Industry Pvt. Ltd.

One of the best packaging and paper bag companies in Nepal, Get Paper Industry Pvt. Ltd. is leading and popular for many reasons. It uses waste materials like cotton rags, waste paper, agricultural waste like banana fibers, straw, and water plants to produce the products. The production process is environmentally friendly and paper drying is based on sunlight. The client can order the paper boxes, bags, and packages with their own design as well. In addition, Get Paper Industry Pvt. Ltd. has won various awards ad recognitions.

Phone No.+977-01-4370819

6. Shiv Shakti Packaging Pvt. Ltd.

Shiv Shakti Packaging Pvt. Ltd. is an initiation of Shiv Shakti Groups. The company deals with a variety of packaging not only in Nepal but also in India. Since 1999 AD, it is supplying quality Multilayer Packaging Films to multiple companies. In Nepal, all the leading Nepalese Dairy-Industries, Edible Oil Industries, and Converting Industries are enjoying service from this industry. Equipped with powerful machinery, Shiv Shakti Packaging Pvt. Ltd. is set to fulfill all your custom packaging needs.

Phone No.+977-1-4100041

7. Dangol Paper Craft Pvt. Ltd.

Handmade packaging and paper bags are some of the antique and traditional treasures of Nepal. Dangol Paper Craft Pvt. Ltd. has been actively involving in the creation of handmade papers and bags. Additionally, multiple other handmade crafts like jewelry boxes, A4 papers, lampshades, calendars, and much more are available in this company. Moreover, one can choose from various designs readily offered by Dangol Paper Craft Pvt. Ltd. or simply provide their own designs.

Phone No.977-01-4700611

8. Creative Paper Kraft Bags Nepal

Creative Paper Kraft Bags Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is one of the eco-friendly paper bag production companies in Nepal. As it has been trading for over 10 years, the company offers industry expertise and know everything there is to know about the printed paper bags that you need. Creative Paper Kraft Bags Nepal Pvt. Ltd. provides complete customization of the products and helps you to pick the right style, size, number, and color of your printed paper bags. With the dedicated team of the company, you can be certain that your brand will stand out from the crowd.

Phone No.+977 984-9053922

9. New Muktinath Traders and Suppliers Pvt. Ltd.

New Muktinath Traders and Suppliers Pvt. Ltd. is a nationwide dealer in the paper, packaging, and printing material that has been providing service for the last decades in the Nepali market. The company has a supply chain all over the country. Various packaging papers and materials like craft paper and duplex board are available at affordable prices and high quality. Orders for type, color, size, and materials of paper can be easily placed and timely delivery can be expected.

Phone No.+977 01 4770203

10. Raja Paper Crafts Pvt. Ltd.

Raja Paper Crafts Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most versatile paper products companies in Nepal. The company has a number of quality paper products like paper bags, paper packages, greeting cards, calendars, notebooks, and many more. More than 80% of the workers are indigenous people who are highly skilled, yet backwarded. Raja Paper Crafts Pvt. Ltd. has a high number of foreign customers as it’s located in the major tourist destination of Nepal; Thamel, Kathmandu.

Phone No.+977-01-4250828

Packaging of the product plays a vital role in maintaining the reputation of your business. A simple effort on bags and packaging can promote your products in high pace. Find the right company and contact them as soon as possible. As marketing is the key to successful business, you surely don’t want to compromise on marketing!

eCommerce and Traditional Commerce: The Two Different Trade World

Trade has always been a part of human civilization and so has the development of science and technology. One of the most important achievements of science and technology is the development of the internet. Well. the expanding use of the internet has changed the course of many activities including trade. Well, trade and commerce have now been divided into two divisions based on the way transactions are carried out. The two different trade world divided due to the use of the internet are eCommerce and traditional commerce. These two are similar on some basis and at the same time, different to some extent. So, let’s get into knowing about the similarities as well as differences between eCommerce and traditional commerce.

The Basic Understanding

Traditional Commerce

eCommerce and traditional commerce

Traditional Commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services to the local customers through the setup of local stores. People need to physically visit the store for buying any products or booking the services. Traditional commerce requires physical presence through stores, offices, presence of visible products, and many more.


Similarly, eCommerce is the digital buying and selling of products and services through the use of the internet. The customers don’t need to physically visit the store for choosing and buying the goods. All they need to do is to surf the internet and order online. The goods and services are then delivered to the customer’s desired place. eCommerce is the modification of traditional commerce.

Similarities between eCommerce and Traditional Commerce

  • Both types of commerce have the common goal of buying and selling goods and services. No matter what the medium of trade is, the common aim is to sell various products to customers.
  • The main motive of eCommerce as well as traditional commerce is to reach and attract maximum numbers of customers to increase the sells.
  • All the transactions done in these two types of commerce are monetary. The monetary benefit is the major priority.
  • Both of these attract the customers through the attractive presentation and display of the products. Traditional stores display the product in the store in an attractive way. Similarly, eCommercial platforms display high-quality photos and videos.

Let’s Move to The Differences

BasisTraditional CommerceeCommerce
MeaningThe buying and selling of goods and products are done through the physical store.The buying and selling of products and services are done through the use of the internet. 
Area of serviceThe service provided by the traditional stores is limited within certain areas within the access of the store.eCommerce can provide service to larger areas that can be even global.
Need for a physical visitThe customers need to physically visit the store for buying stuff. The customers don’t need to visit the store physically. All they need is a stable internet connection and access to the store’s site.
Delivery of goodsCustomers immediately get the bought products and services in traditional commerce.It may take some time for goods to be delivered when shopping is done through online stores.
Requirement of delivery personUsually, traditional stores don’t require delivery persons as the goods are instantly received by the customers.The function of the delivery person is mandatory in eCommerce.
Expenses and InvestmentTraditional commerce has more expenses compared to eCommerce as the venue, maintenance, furniture, staff, etc. All should be properly maintained.eCommerce requires a lesser expense and investment . A website is the main thing to be maintained. 
AccessibilityOffline shops are accessible during a limited time period onlyeCommerce is accessible 22/7 as it resides right in customers’ devices.
Inspection of goodsCustomers are able to inspect the goods properly before buying them.Physical inspection isn’t possible. So, customers get to see the pictures or videos only

Some of the business combines traditional commerce and eCommerce by selling products both through the website and physical store. Explore the competencies provided by both eCommerce & traditional commerce. Both of them have their own pros and cons. Choose the best for you!

Introduction to eCommerce- If You Didn’t Already Know

Trade has always been a significant activity in human interaction. Buying and selling of goods and exchanging services are one of the unavoidable ventures of mankind. In short, trade is part of human civilization. Initiating from the barter system and now embracing online stores, we’ve experienced numerous forms of trade and transactions. With science and technology pacing up rapidly to uplift every sector, trade isn’t untouched. The use of the internet has made a vital contribution to commercial transactions. Electronic Commerce; eCommerce is one of the most common modes of buying and selling goods. Traditional Shopping methods are being rapidly replaced by eCommerce.

Meaning of eCommerce

In simple words, eCommerce is the digital buying and selling of goods and services. Also mentioned as internet commerce, it uses the internet (through the website of the seller) to buy and sell the products instead of the traditional method of trade. The purchaser can see the goods online, compare them easily, order them through the internet, and receive the goods. There’s no need to physically visit the store to purchase something. All you need is a working device, a stable internet connection, and of course, knowledge about the store’s site.

Instead of a traditional shop located at some geographical location, the shops are present virtually at the World Wide Web (www). Anyone from any part of the world can access the store. But the list of places where the store provides services completely depends upon the policy of the store. Some online stores are international, some are national whereas some are local.

The mode of payment is preferably online transactions but Cash on Delivery is also in practice. You can either transfer money through the internet or simply pay when you receive your delivery.

Brief History- How did it start?

In the early 60s, the concept of EFT started. EFT stands for Electronic Fund Transfer meaning the digital transactions and transfer of money. The concept of eCommerce evolved through the concept of EFT.

introduction to eCommerce

The global history of eCommerce begins with the first-ever online sale on August 11, 1994, a man sold a CD by the band Sting to his friend through his website NetMarket, an American retail platform. And, today eCommerce accounts for a large part of business and economy. However, online shopping started in Nepal only in 2000.

What does it deal with?

eCommerce is limited to buying and selling goods. It’s completely a commercial strategy. All the components and targets of eCommerce are directed towards gaining customers to increase sales. You can observe the following diagram to know about the areas focused by eCommerce:

Introduction to eCommerce- What does it deal with?

eCommerce covers outwards facing processes that deal with customers, suppliers, and manufacturers. With the basic requirement of web design, the activities involve marketing and customer satisfaction, all with the motive to expand the sales. eCommerce is a new form of trade.

Types of eCommerce:

  • Business to Consumer (B2C) – When a business sells goods and services to an individual.
  • Business to Business (B2B) – When a business sells its original or acquired products or services to other businesses.
  • Consumer to Business (C2B) – When the consumers sell their original products to business for commercial purposes.
  • Consumer to Consumer (C2C) – When the consumers sell their goods and services directly to other consumers through an online platform.

Examples of eCommerce:

  • In eCommerce, the customer orders the goods using the internet through the website of the seller and the seller delivers the ordered products to the buyer’s location. Sometimes, the customer books the goods online and picks up at the offline shops.
  • Instead of just a virtual store, the business can run the offline shop and continue sales through the website at the same time. This is actually a common form of online business. It’s a smart way of expanding a business.
  • The common worldwide eCommerce sites are Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, OLX, etc.
  • The popular eCommerce sites in Nepal are Daraz, Gyapu, SastoDeal, and so on.

With everything getting digital, why limit yourself to the traditional way of trade? Owning an online store and online shopping can be a really wise decision. If you wish to operate an online store, visit for running your store with amazing features.

12 Tips: Grow Your Online Store Successfully

The increasing use of science, technology, and e-commerce has led to an exponential growth of online business in Nepal. Consequently, online stores are found in high quantity and a lot of people already own online stores. Likewise, significant numbers of the population have an idea to start one. There are hundreds of stores in Nepal which adopt the measure of e-commerce. So, each online store has the challenge to be extraordinary and grow successfully.

Customers have various options for online stores to buy their desired products. However, an online store has to be unique and user friendly to be the customer’s first choice.  Do you also own an online store or are you planning to create an online store? Adopt these 12 smart methods to make your online store better and extraordinary no matter what you sell:

grow online store successfully

1. Provide a variety of products

People have various choices and they love to see a lot of options to choose from when they’re buying something. Therefore, offering a variety of products in your online store is really important. Always increase the horizon and try to include as many items as you can. Providing variety in your items gives the vibes of satisfaction to the buyer. And, this surely increases the quality as well as the standard of your store. 

Here are some aspects you can focus on to ensure a variety of products:

  • Numerous brands
  • Different color options
  • Multiple designs
  • Variation in size

2. Build the quality outreach list

Creating a list of influencing and popular personalities to grow your online store by collaborating with them is a smart act. Reaching customers through your online store isn’t just enough. You have to outreach praised personalities to make their followers reach out to you. Collaborate with influencing individuals. Have a deal with them in such a way that they have engaging interaction with your online store in a publicly visible way.

You can reach out to the following groups of personalities for better output:

3. Use high-quality photos

The only illustrative method to make customers buy the product is by showing a picture of the item. Being an online store, the quality of the photo you add to represent the particular items determines whether the product would be ordered or not. For instance, you have a high-quality product, but the representation of the product in photos is unpleasant. In this case, maximum chances are that the customer won’t buy the product. Thus, you need to make sure your only visual representation of the product should be compellingly attractive, not a deal-breaker. Your online store can grow successfully if you have the best presentation of your products through images.

Following are some actionable tips to follow while taking photos of the product:

  • Use high-resolution camera
  • Maintain proper lighting
  • Arrange the product in the most attractive way possible
  • Decorate with attractive objects like flowers, cards, feathers, etc.

4. Accept wide ranges of payment methods

Various ways of accepting payment to grow online store successfully

Buyers always give a glance at the payment options available and usually proceed with their shopping if their desired method is available. Hence, payment methods play a vital role in online shopping. Make sure you include the maximum variety of payment methods and gateway. You don’t want your possible customers to turn around to another store just because you accept limited payment methods. So, expand the horizon of your payment options to make your online store successful.

Some popular gateways of payment in Nepal are mobile banking, e-Sewa, IME Pay, Khalti, E-dheba SuperApp, Connect IPS, etc.

5. Return and exchange policies

Usually, there is insecurity about the products bought from online stores. It is because the buyer doesn’t get to witness the product directly. So, it is thoughtful to have return and exchange policies. Build strong policies and requirements for return and exchange. This gives people certainty about their shopping as they know that they will somehow land to a satisfactory product for their spent money. People fear damaged, unfit and disagreeable products. And, you can eliminate this fear by having the return as well as exchange strategy.

Showing return and exchange actions tips

Make sure to visibly mention return and exchange policy which includes:

  • The deadline for the product to be returned/exchanged (Eg: Within 1 week of purchase)
  • Conditions under which return policy is applicable. For instance, wrong products, damaged products, etc.
  • Conditions under which the policy isn’t applicable. To illustrate, change in mind isn’t a valid reason for returning a product.

6. Mention the details of the products clearly

Details are the way to security and reliability. Each and every product that you sell in your store should be clearly fed with detailed features. When purchasers see an item in your store, they should be able to know about all the aspects of the product. The shopper should find answers to every question regarding the product. This is because transparent descriptions about the products make customers feel secure about the product. You should be able to eliminate the challenge of insecurity and unreliability that arises during online shopping. And consequently, you will grow your online store to reach the deserved height.

Make sure to clearly mention the following details in the description:

  • Price
  • Design of the product
  • Brand Name/Description
  • Way of functioning
  • Expiry date
  • Warranty

7. Offer attractive gifts and discount vouchers

Everyone loves to have gifts and discounts. The presence of gifts, offers, or vouchers quickly catches the attention of the shopper. Your store tends to attract more buyers and increase reach with the clever offerings of the pleasant offers. Don’t rush yourself to loss, but be smart. Evidently, people choose the store with exclusive plots over the normal store with just the business of buying and selling. Thus, be extra cheesy in your selling strategies. And, there you go stepping up to be a successful online store by being people’s first choice.

In particular, have the attractive schemes of

  • Discount Offers
  • Surprise items on delivery
  • Combo Offers
  • Promo Codes

8. Focus on customer service

The more satisfactory your customer service is, the better your online store becomes. Satisfying the customer is the main deal of the business. So, other services besides delivering goods should be impressive too. The purchaser needs to feel a connection with the store during the shopping. Customer service is one of the important assets of a victorious online store.

Establish a helpline center for your customers and be responsive. Whenever the customer orders from your store, make sure to instantly notify your customers via SMS, email, or phone call. It might take a certain time period for you to deliver the ordered items. During the gap between order placement and delivery, keeping in constant touch with your shopper is equally important. Send them notifications about the update of their orders. Let them know that their order is being packed, shipped, or departed. Moreover, always be available to your purchaser when they need you. 

9. Run digital marketing ads

Marketing is influential in the success of any business. In addition, digital marketing ads are perfect to elevate your online store. Everyone has access to smartphones. And people spend significant time using social media and the internet. Invest in digital marketing to reach a larger population and attract quality customers. Your investment in digital marketing returns in triple value. Promote your online store in every possible way.

Run advertisements on popular social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, LinkedIn, etc.

10. Create a user-friendly theme of the store

The overall theme of your online store should be simple and well designed to facilitate managed shopping. Make your store user friendly. Simplify the design of your online store with the presence of quality services. Visitors should not feel any complexity while using your store. In a nutshell, include everything in such a way that your store is uncomplicated and effortless to explore and shop. 

Add the following areas in an accessible way:

  • Shopping cart
  • Wish-list
  • Available payment options
  • Customer care
  • The policy of the store

11. Collaborate your store with various brands

Collaboration has a plausible contribution to every business. Hence, your online store can grow and become more successful if you foster collaboration with various brands. Build a partnership with various brands which has a larger reach and are trusted by the population. Partnering with other brands helps you reach the individuals who weren’t reached by you. Online store fosters only when a large number of potential customers are reached. So, collaboration is equally important in your online store’s success. Partnering with trusted brands not only helps you to reach a larger population but also builds a positive impact on your store.

12. Categorize the products precisely

Organized stores are easier and simple for hassle-free shopping. With almost everyone having access to the internet, the requirements of the visitors are different. You might have items required for your customers. But if you don’t categorize your products precisely, the chances are that your goods remain unseen. Therefore, it is crucial to split your online store into proper divisions so that one can easily surf over to the right category and find the product they are looking for. Give your customer the experience of smooth and planned shopping in your online store. The experience you provide to your customer determines the chances of being a successful online store.

Thinking out of the box and adopting smart plans for business can make your online store successful despite high competition. Visit to create your perfect online store with extraordinary features. Elevate your business of online store now!