Marketing Through TikTok |The Ultimate Guide to Promote Your Business

TikTok! The most emerging social media platform for anything, literally anything!! From the trending dance moves to the creative business advertisements, we can find interesting pieces of stuff related to every topic and sector. Well, you surely know TikTok as the entertainment platform, the one where you find amazing videos to have fun. But if you’re a business owner who always seeks new and creative ways to promote business, TikTok is more than merely a fun platform. TikTok can be a brand new promising platform to escalate your business to the height of your dream. While marketing through TikTok seems to be quite an attractive method, it requires unique creativity and an in-depth understanding of the audience’s interest. To add a company to your journey of marketing through TikTok, we’re here with some amazing tips to begin your path on TikTok.

Why Marketing Through TikTok?

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and many more. There are a bunch of social media platforms that are widely used in the promotion of the business. Well, you might already have your business account on many of those platforms. Why create a business account on TikTok as well? Marketing through TikTok is not an easy task, it requires a lot of creativity and dedication. But if you’re to reach where you dream of, you can’t miss an opportunity to try something new. Here, my friend, something new, something promising, and something worth it is TikTok. Here’s why you need to use TikTok for marketing:

  1. TIKTOK IS TRENDING!!! The most prominent reason to use TikTok for promoting the business is that it’s the trend right now! You can see TikTok anywhere about anything. TikTok is the current trend among people of various age groups. You surely need to keep up with the trend to rock your business world.
  2. 1,000,000,000+ downloads all over the world with an average rating of 4.5 on the google play store, you can pretty much know how huge a platform TikTok is. Millions of people are using TikTok and are loving it. Well, the next thing they might love can be your business!
  3. For the platform like Facebook and Instagram, you’ll need people to follow you for seeing your marketing posts and stuff from you. But it’s not the case in TikTok! Whether you have a huge amount of followers or not, you’ll have the chance to go viral and build a crazy fan following.

The Ultimate Guide

1. Know Your Audience

Marketing through Tiktok

The audiences are the true gems and drive of any business. To promote the business through any platform including TikTok, you first need to understand who your targeted audiences are. There are various groups of audience and the same marketing strategy doesn’t work for all. You can’t use the same content for promoting the product or business amidst multiple types of audiences. There are multiple variables you need to keenly consider while creating the video for your audience using TikTok. Basically, analyze the following aspects of your targeted audience while creating the content:

Age: Age is the most important factor to be considered while marketing. Which age group is your targeted audience? The answer to this question largely affects the kind of video you need to create to promote your business.

Location: Where do your potential customer reside physically? Let your brand be national or international, knowing the area of service is highly essential.

Gender: While some business may get their gear on with the unisex content, some businesses require customized content according to gender.

Income Level: How much money does this group of audience earn? Are they cost-sensitive or are they willing to spend the worthy amount for a premium product?

Relationship Status: Promoting valentine’s day gifts for single people is worthless. Are your targeted audience single, committed, or married? This may be a relevant question for many businesses.

2. Explore Current Trends and Practices

Trends are the key to reach a large audience. Either you build a trend or you blend with the trend. If you surf through TikTok, you’ll see similar videos rolling now and then. Dance steps, the crazy challenges, or the testing the viral hacks, these types of videos are abundantly seen in TikTok. Well, you might have thought it by now! Yes, you need to create trendy videos with viral concepts. It’s not that you should always follow the trend and create trendy videos. Sometimes, you can just explore what’s going on and understand the interest and needs of the audiences. And, build the viral concept yourself!

Whether you follow the existing trend or create a trend yourself, the first step you need to adopt is to explore what’s going on around the corners. The interests and needs of the people are crystal clear through the current trend and practices. So, to make your business reach the next level of promotion, explore the hot trends and topics.

3. Build Entertaining Contents

Entertainment and more entertainment! That’s the basic motto of every TikTok user. Social media, mostly, is pillared by the users who deep down thrive to entertain themselves through entertaining contents floating all over the media. Though your business has nothing to do with entertainment, it’s highly important to focus on entertaining people while promoting your business through TikTok. No matter how worthy your products are, if your contents aren’t entertaining enough, no one’s going to go through your video. Brainstorm within your team and make sure your content can capture the interest of the scrollers.

TikTok is basically the entertaining platform. But if you wish to go other way by making the business out of it, you should primarily stick to the main motto of the platform, that is to ENTERTAIN!!

4. Try Including Influencers

No one can deny the fact that the influencers are the ones that are making products go viral within an instant of time. TikTok is full of influencers who have thousands of followers who are crazy for them. So, why not utilize their crazy fan following to promote your business. One of the worthy hacks for marketing through TikTok is including influencers in the process. Find out who are being widely recognized and followed by your targeted audiences in TikTok. Reach out to those influencers and make a win-win deal. Offer them monetary and other benefits and ask them to create exciting videos for your business. Posting content that promotes your business from an influencer’s account can help the business reach to new height of the success.

TikTok influencers are many in number these days. Explore who are loved by your probable audiences and include them in your marketing program. Trust me! This hack will do a lot good to your business.

5. Focus on Informing, Not Selling

Nobody on TikTok wants to be told to buy something while they are surfing to have fun. Though your deep-down motive is to increase sales and promote your business, this can’t directly be expressed through TikTok videos. You can’t just simply post a video of your product and ask people to buy it. This leads to a high chance of decreasing your followers rather than increasing. So, focus on informing people about your products instead of selling the products. Think of the areas where your product and business can be used and create informative videos that narrate the use of your product in people’s life. Once people are informed, buying the products is their decision. Well, when people know about the products that are worthy, chances are high that they will buy the product sooner or later.

Create TikTok videos that inform people. Stop begging people to buy your products. Instead, show them how worthy your products are and get ready for the overwhelming sales.

6. Be A Part of The Creator’s Group

Creator’s Group in Facebook

Businessmen who are trying their best to promote their business through TikTok just like you are many in numbers. Marketing through TikTok is one of the best ways to strengthen the business. No wonder why many entrepreneurs are into it. You can make a great benefit out of it. There are multiple groups on various social media platforms where people with similar visions gather to share their ideas. Explore the groups in various social media or even the physical groups that share the common goal of marketing through TikTok. When you join such groups, you can get access to multiple knowledge and ideas of a number of people that are different and unique from yours. It’s always said that more the minds, more the new ideas.

TikTok is utilized by many to promote their business. And evidently, there are various groups created in order to have a common platform to share knowledge, curiosity, and new ideas with people with common interests. Find such groups and join today!

7. Be Consistent and Post on The Right Time

Consistency is key in everything. Let’s say you follow an account that rarely posts any content, eventually, you will feel that the account isn’t worthy to follow as it doesn’t share in a consistent manner. When you enter into TikTok for marketing, make sure you make up your mind to dedicate your time and energy enough to keep the sake of your business. Posting interesting content in your account in a steady and uniform way is really important when it comes to maintaining followers and promoting your business.

The next thing that comes along with consistency is posting at the right time! In the above-given figure, you can see the timetable ideal for posting on TikTok created through analysis of thousands of viral and highly engaging posts. Don’t just randomly post at any time you feel like posting, your motto isn’t just to post but to create worthy engagement with each post. So, post exciting content at the right time to gain maximum engagement because time really matters!

8. Interact With Your Audiences

It’s with evidence that those business which respond to the comments and queries of their audience are more successful than those who don’t. When you post videos with interesting content at the right time, it’s a high chance that the audiences will have various queries and curiosities regarding your business. So, naturally, you’ll get comments, messages, and even calls that related to your business. You must respond to those comments and queries on time! Interacting with the audience is one of the most important aspects when it comes to business promotion. Whenever it is required, interact with your audiences and be there when the audience needs you!

Audiences love when the business owners provide an impromptu response to their comments. Interact with the audience in every way possible to scale up your business.

9. Use TikTok’s Live Feature

TikTok has a special feature that lets the account interact with its audience in real-time. TikTok’s live feature is widely useful to promote the business. Once there are 1000 followers, TikTok allows you to live stream your videos to promote your business in a more effective way. Gaining a thousand followers can be challenging at first. But when you follow the right steps in your journey of marketing through TikTok, 1000 followers is a small number. If you already have a thousand followers, start live streaming through TikTok and disperse interesting content. If you are still on your way to gain 1000 followers, work hard for it and make up your mind for more exciting content.

TikTok has an excellent feature that enables you to live-stream your videos and instantly interact with the audiences through comment section. Brainstorm the idea for live streaming now and go for it!

10. Lastly, Know Your Competitors

Let’s get this straight! You aren’t the only one who is trying to promote the business through TikTok!! There are a number of similar businesses like yours who is trying to promote the same product like yours. Similarly, there are multiple videos in TikTok with same content and idea. So, your competitors are many both in outside world and in TikTok world. Well, getting scared by the competitors isn’t an option in this competitive market. Instead, competitors can be used to create more exciting content and stronger business. Analyze the market and know who your competitors are! Keep an eye on your competitors, see what they’re up to and what are their marketing strategies. I’m not saying you to copy their ideas. But you can surely better your performance when you know what your competitors are doing to promote their business. You can positively utilize your competitors and stand out from others!

Luckily, business in these days have a lot of platforms to promote their business. And, TikTok is, without any doubt, one of the best platforms. We’ve helped from our side by giving you some worthy guides. Now it’s your turn to implement these guidelines and rock your business!