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Top 10 Business Ideas for Starting Online Store in Nepal

As everything is getting digital, online shopping is one of the popular trends in Nepal. So, starting an online store can prove to be a good business choice. However, every business is completely linked to the demand in the market. And, each market place has different demands of products depending on various factors like community, culture, time period, and so on. For an online store to succeed in Nepal, it should have an appropriate idea that can fit well in the Nepali market.

The type of online store, the products to be sold and the services to be provided are determined by the business idea. Are you planning to run an online store in Nepal? Have you been brainstorming to find out the perfect idea for starting an online store? After dense research on the Nepali market, here are top 10 business ideas based on products for starting an online store that can well establish in Nepali market:

1. Grocery and Food Items

One of the most demanded groups of products in the market of any place is groceries and foodstuffs. Likewise, online groceries store is a promising business idea. We can hardly imagine a house without groceries. So, it is evident that groceries and food items are the basic needs of the population. Busy life with a hectic schedule leaves a very little amount of spare time for grocery shopping. And, people usually don’t prefer to spend their free time shopping for groceries. Thus, online shopping for groceries is one of the easiest and time-saving choice for anyone. An online grocery store has a promising and profitable business venture in Nepal.

2. Modern Clothing Line

Buying stylish and trending clothes by surfing over the online store is really fun and easy to do. Online clothing stores have more reach than traditional clothing shops. An online store with all modern and trendy outfits is one of the major attractions, so, a modern clothing line is a profitable business idea in Nepal. Evidently, running an online store with a variety of designed outfits and constantly adding the trends of the current time can truly make an online business go in the long run. In Nepal, online clothing stores have a high possibility of having an evergreen business.


3. Books and Publications

As Nepal is moving forward in education, online bookstores are the leading business idea. Various categories of books are in high demand in the Nepali market. Course books, literature, biography, fiction, novel, exam preparation books, etc are the evergreen requirements of people of different fields and interests. So, starting an online bookstore is one of the hopeful business ideas that can go well in the Nepali market. Buying the book online and getting it delivered at the doorsteps is a time-saving hack for life. Thus, online bookstores are preferred by many and can be a profitable business.

4. Electronic Devices and Gadgets

With Nepal stepping up in the development of science and technology, electronic devices are not only luxurious wants but also undeniable needs. Online electronic device stores can play an important role in the lives of the people in many ways and, the idea of selling electronic gadgets via online stores can prove to be a fruitful business in Nepal. Electronic devices and gadgets can never run low on demand in the market. Aren’t we always looking forward to having the latest gadgets? In addition, electronic devices keep on updating to better versions and are always on higher demand than before. So, the business of electronic gadgets usually never proceeds towards loss but always has the possibility of better deals.

5. Travel and Tour Kits

The out of the box plan for starting an online store is the business of travel kits. Travelling is one of the most preferable activities in Nepal. Nepal offers a wide range of adventurous places to travel. And, different travel and tours require different kinds of travel kits. All people might not be aware of the requirements while traveling to astonishing places in Nepal. You can start an online store that lets people know the required items to travel in various places in Nepal. And, makes the item available to the travelers. You can even attract a bunch of international tourists who visit Nepal to travel and adventure. This unique business idea can be brought into action to start an extraordinary and successful online store in Nepal.

6. Healthcare Products

It is evidently known that everyone is attentive to their health. Hence, people spend money on healthcare products without any dilemma. Healthcare products are constantly on high requirements in any market. Thus, starting an online store with the idea of selling healthcare products is a profitable business. And, it has a pretty promising market in Nepal. Masks, sanitizer, disinfectant, and gloves are the new normal. So, having an online store that sells these products can also establish a successful business in Nepal. Both retail and wholesale trade of healthcare products can be victorious. Starting your business with something that is prominent to the human population is a clever idea.

7. Baby Care Products

One of the fascinating ideas for an online store in Nepal is the trade of baby care products. First, finding an online store to buy baby care products is a relief for every parent. And secondly, baby care products are always required in the market. So, an online store selling baby care products can have a very triumphant business. If filled with quality products and led with strong planning, baby care products can give a very successful journey of trade to an online store. We are familiar with the way babies are raised in Nepal, there is no compromise while raising a baby. So, people always look for a store that contains the quality baby care items. And, an online store is more preferable over a traditional shop.

8. Cake and Bakery Items

Cakes are a symbol of love and celebrations these days. Every occasion is celebrated by having delicious and designed cakes and bakery. So, cakes and bakery items are the perfect business idea for starting an online store in Nepal. Every single day is a special day for someone. And, special days are made more pleasant with the presence of cakes. Also, bakery items are one of the most consumed products in Nepal. Therefore, online stores that take orders and deliver the cakes and bakery items can have a smooth business. In particular, there are numerous examples of successful online stores with similar business ideas. The next could be your store!

9. Jewelry and Ornaments

A woman never compromises when it comes to decorative items that she can put on to enhance her beauty. Jewelry and ornaments are the most adored and bought items by women in Nepal. So, online jewelry stores can attract loyal customers. We all know, the mainstream society of Nepal wishes to see women decorated with beautiful jewelry. And, usually, a woman loves to get decorated. An online jewelry store with captivating items shall surely be the center of attraction for many Nepalese women. The majority of women love to have lots of ornaments to decorate themselves for various moments. The requirement of jewelry in any market can never decrease. This makes the business of jewelry an amazing idea for starting an online store.

10. Customized T-shirts

Customized t-shirts are the new trend of the time. T-shirts with personalized designs and content are vastly used. So, this can be a wise and trendy idea for online stores. T-shirts are the most common outfit for any age group. Thus, everyone popularly uses t-shirts for representing various thoughts and motivations. Numerous organizations, be it educational, business, and social, utilize customized t-shirts to symbolize unity and a common goal. Similarly, t-shirts are commonly used as gifts by individualizing it with customized designs and messages. Also, customized t-shirts are the representation of bond and relationship in present fashion. Customized t-shirts are the leading business idea for starting an online store in Nepal.

Starting an online store with a perfect business idea can lead you to a successful business venture. Pick a business idea that goes well with the Nepali market and create an online store that can bring revolution in e-commerce!

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10 Easy Steps to Start Your Own Online Store in Nepal

With everything being led by the internet and technology, online shopping is one of the leading trends of the time in Nepal. As a result, online shopping is replacing traditional shopping at a quick pace. So, starting an online business by building an online store can prove to be a wise decision.

Starting an online store as your side business or primary business in Nepal isn’t as complicated as you might imagine. You can build your own online store in Nepal with these 10 pretty simple steps:

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software as a service

Pasls (पसल्स) के हो र यसले कसरी काम गर्छ?

पसल्स एउटा SaaS (software as a service) मा आधारीत प्लेटफर्म हो । अन्लाईन पसल खोल्न चाहने जोसुकैले मासिक या वार्षिक शुल्क तिरेर पसल्स मार्फत सजिलै आफ्नो अन्लाईन पसल खोल्न सक्छन् ।

SaaS (software as a service)

अन्लाईन पसल खोल्ने अरु तरिका भनेको कुनै सफ्टवेयर कम्पनीलाई बनाउन दिने अनि एउटा सर्भरमा राखेर होस्ट गर्ने हो । तर यो तरिका अपनाउँदा उक्त सफ्टवेयर कम्पनीलाई डेभलपमेन्टकै पैसा तिर्नुपर्ने हुन्छ, जुन सुरुवाति खर्च हो र कम्तीमा पनि २ – ३ लाख पर्न आउने हुन्छ । पसल्समा त्यो खर्च लाग्दैन । तपाईंलाई आफ्नो बिजनेसलाई अन्लाईनमा लग्नु छ भने पसल्समा आएर साइन-अप गरेको केहि क्षणमै तपाईंको अन्लाईन पसल तयार हुन्छ । शून्य सुरुवाति खर्च । तयार अवस्थामा रहेको शटर भाडामा लिएर पसल सुरु गरे जस्तै । पसल सुरु गर्नका लागि घरको कन्सट्रक्सन गर्नु परेन । र, अर्को भनेको तपाईंले जुनसुकै बेला पनि आफ्नो अन्लाईन पसल बन्द गर्न सक्नु हुन्छ । तपाईंले जति समयको लागि पसल चलाउनु हुन्छ, हुन्छ त्यति समयको लागि मात्र पैसा तिर्नु हुन्छ । अर्को भनेको समयको बचत । पाँच मिनेटमै तपाईंको अन्लाईन पसल तयार (लाईभ) हुन्छ ।

अब खाद्य व्यवस्था तथा व्यापार कम्पनी लिमिटेडको सन्दर्भमा भन्नुपर्दा, यस सरकारी कम्पनीलाई अन्लाईन अर्डर लिनका लागि छोटो समयमै तयार गरेर अर्डर लिन सुरु गरिहल्न सक्ने प्लेटफर्म चहिएको थियो जुन पसल्सले गर्न सक्थ्यो । यसो गर्दा उक्त कम्पनीले कुनै डेभलपमेन्टको लागि लाखौँ पैसा तिर्नु परेन र यस लकडाउन (बन्दाबन्दी) को समयमा छिटो भन्दा छिटो सर्भिस सुरु गर्न सक्यो ।

SaaS के हो ?

SaaS अथवा Software as a Service भनेको, एउटा बनिसकेको सफ्टवेयरलाई ग्राहकले आफूलाई पायक पर्ने गरी प्रयोग गर्न दिने सर्भिस हो । यसो गर्दा ग्राहकले त्यो सफ्टवेयर बनाउन लाग्ने खर्च बेहोर्नु पर्दैन । ग्राहकलाई जहिले चाहिने हो र जति समयका लागि चाहिने हो त्यति नै समयका लागि पैसा तिर्ने र चलाउन मिल्ने सेवा हो । यसमा सफ्टवेयरको स्वामित्व SaaS प्रदायकको हुन्छ । यसले ग्राहकहरुको लागत पूरै बचाउँछ । SaaS का केहि उदाहरण भनेको Gmail, Zendesk, Slack, Shopify, Zoom, Dropbox, Mailchimp आदि हुन् । यसमा ग्राहकले space, bandwidth आदिको बारेमा केहि मतलब गर्नु पर्दैन।

अब आयो कुरा, सर्भर किन ब्याङ्लोरमा ?

माथि भनेझैँ, SaaS मा सफ्टवेयर ग्राहक्लाई मासिक, वार्षिक वा अन्य कुनै सदस्यताको आधारमा चलाउन दिइन्छ । जुनसुकै बेला जतिसुकै धेरै ग्राहकले साइन-अप गर्न सक्ने भएकोले सर्भरको क्षमता चाहिएको बेलामा घटाउन/बढाउन मिल्ने हुनु पर्दछ । नेपालमा त्यसरी चाहिएको बेलामा सर्भरको क्षमता घटाउन/बढाउन मिल्ने प्रकारको सर्भिस दिने प्रोभाइडर कोहि पनि छैन ।

त्यसका लागि हामीसँग AWS, Digital Ocean जस्ता क्लाउड प्रोभाइडर(IaaS/PaaS) बाहेक अरु विकल्प छैन । साथै, भर्खरै सुरु भएको स्टार्टअप भएकाले नेपालमा आफ्नै सर्भर राखेर मेन्टेन गर्ने आर्थिक क्षमता पनि हामीसँग छैन । हाम्रो सर्भर Digital Ocean मा छ । Digital Ocean को डाटा सेन्टर भारतमा मात्र नभई अमेरिकाको न्यूयोर्क, सान फ्रान्सिस्को, सिंगापुर लन्डन जर्मनी र क्यानडामा पनि छ । भारतको सर्भर नेपालबाट सबैभन्दा नजिक हुने भएकाले नै ब्याङ्लोरमा राखेका हौँ ।

हामीले सर्भर जति बेला पनि अर्को प्रोभाइडरकोमा सार्न सक्छौँ । आज भारतमा छ, भोलि लन्डनमा हुन सक्छ । हाम्रो आर्थिक क्षमता र मानव संसाधन भयो भने भोलि नेपालमै पनि आफ्नै सर्भर हुन सक्छ ।


सरकारी निकायमा सफ्टवेयर टेन्डरमा दिँदा लाखौँ, करोडौँको हिनामिना हुने गरेको समाचार हामीले सुनिरहेका छौँ । यस्तो बेलामा नेपालकै SaaS platform प्रयोग गरेर, सकेसम्म कम खर्चमा अन्लाईन पसल बनाउन हामीले सहयोग गर्न सकेकोमा हामी गर्व गर्छौँ । साथै, यस प्लेटफर्मको प्रयोगका लागि प्रोत्साहित गर्नुहुन्छ भन्ने आशा गर्दछौँ ।

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