Rating & Review Is Really Important For Online Stores-Here’s Why

How often do you back off from an about-to-do new task because an experienced person shared a negative review?

Do you recall yourself searching for experienced persons’ opinions when you were going to do something new? You obviously do. Because we always want assurance before pursuing anything new, right?

Let it be virtual or in-person; opinions, and experience always matter. When it comes to eCommerce, the experience is expressed in the form of rating & review. The ratings & reviews made by the previous customers will determine the new customer gain. Higher Ratings and Positive Reviews. These two crucial aspects can change the fate of any business, including your online store’s.

Why is Positive Rating and Review Important?

1. Works as the reference for new customers

Yes! You heard it right. Reviews are actually the references. When new customers visit your online store’s website, it’s the only section with recommendations for proceeding the deal or the warning to back off. No one can fully believe everything virtual, so reviews are esssential. People do read the review before actually getting into the deal with your store. If there are a bunch of positive reviews, it’s pretty sure that your online store will get a massive flow of new customers. Because we believe in reference!

Do you read online reviews for local businesses
82% read reviews for business when they are about to make a deal.

2. Improves ranking & increases the traffic

Positive reviews and high ratings mean higher ranks ad more traffic. The more your store has good ratings, the more highlighted it is during the search. Gaining a good amount of traffic is really important for online stores. ratings and reviews posted positively by the customers help you achieve the goal of outstanding rank and enormous traffic. You can get the traffic flow which you’ve always dreamt of.

The average time consumers spend reading reviews
The average consumer spends 13 minutes and 45 seconds reading reviews before making a decision.

3. Represents your store’s brand

We’ve heard it for a long; people don’t buy products, they buy brands! Brand matters. If you’ve impressive rating and mind-blowing natural reviews from your customers, you’re already branded. Yay! People judge your store’s brand based on the review and rating they see. If it was for physical stores, office space, location, luxurious furniture, all would matter. But for online stores, ratings and reviews are all you have to show.

What star rating does a business need to have
Only 53% of people would consider using a business with less than four stars. Duh!

4. From Views to Clicks to Customers

Views. Clicks. New customers. These are the powers of rating and review. And, of course, an online store’s goals. Higher ratings make people want to visit your store and give a thought about the products. Positive reviews make people more likely to buy from your online store.

Positive reviews make me more likely to use a business
91% agree that positive reviews make them more likely to use business. SOURCE

High Ratings. Positive Reviews. How Can You Achieve?

There ain’t no such thing as free lunch. Everything costs something. Being rated with five stars and getting overwhelmed with several positive reviews is the dream for all business owners. But, it requires a lot of effort to get to that point. Since you’re an unstoppable hard-worker and thriving business enthusiast, we’ve prepared a list of REVIEW tips to help you reach your dreams:

Consumer reviews concepts with bubble people review comments.rating or feedback for evaluate

R-Request Customers

  • Request the customers to rate and review. A lot of people won’t bother to go back to the store’s website just to give reviews and ratings. But with your excellent service and polite request, the majority of them will leave a great response. 67% of consumers have now been asked to leave a review for a local business – with 24% of these being offered a discount, gift, or cash in return.

E-Extract Feedback

  • A sip of motivation for you. There is always something good in bad. Extract feedback and opportunities to be better from negative reviews. This will help your online store to be better in the future. It would be easier to know and improve the weak aspects of your store as the customers would’ve pointed it out in the review.

V-Valuable Goods & Services

  • This is an easily guessable one. Provide first-class products and services. Make sure your online store’s service and products are something people will always value. It’s like learning ABCs to be eligible for studying English words. The fundamental requirement!

I-Improvise Customer Service

  • Customer care service can either be the deal-breaker or the compelling journey to success. Never compromise on customer service. Always focus on making customer service better. I believe you don’t want to lose all the reputation and probable success because of awful customer service. Phew!

E-Express Professionalism

  • Let’s get this straight! Some reviews won’t be the way you want them to be. Deal with the negative reviews professionally. Apologize for the inconvenience caused and behave humbly. Also, assure them that the issue, if any mentioned by the customers, would be resolved. Or, you can respond to the complaints after solving the problem.

W-Write Back

  • Did you know? Among consumers that read reviews, 97% read businesses’ responses to reviews. So, make sure you respond to the customers’ reviews. You might not always figure it out, but yes, your response to the review can make a lot of difference.

Your online store needs positive ratings and reviews to grow faster and stronger. One of the best marketing for any business is an excellent rating and on-point review. Rating & Review is really important for online stores. Now, you know why and how to achieve it. YAY!

How to improve customer service of your online store

How to Improve Customer Service of Your Online Store?

Well, let’s begin with the fact that customers are the most important part of the business, just like the cornerstone of the house. And, successful business is all about satisfying customers. Improve the customer service and you’re already pacing up towards success. Does your customer have special needs and demands? Fulfill them. Your buyer is bringing up a lot of queries? Just answer all of them humbly. Dealing with the customers? Be professional, let it be before, during, or after the purchase. Very easy and simple, right?

According to research, 85% of customers would willingly pay more to receive better customer care. Not to forget, the same percentage of customer losses are due to bad customer service.

Oh, Wait! Is your business e-commerce? Have you set up an online store as your business? If your answer is Yes, providing quality customer service can be a little challenging. Tricky, but possible. Being an online store you might be facing difficulties to improve your customer service. Virtual transactions. No chance of putting up a charming professional personality to deal with your customers. Relax, it’s just that modern problems require modern solutions. We’ve figured out these 10 classy ways to make customer service of your online store better:

1. Maintain multiple communication channels

Social media. Phone calls. Website. SMS & Emails. Establish a communication channel in every possible way. Since you’ve adopted the most modern path of business, utilize each benefit of the technology wisely. Don’t just limit your store’s assistance in one channel. Maintain communication with the customers via various paths. 

Imagine getting guidance from someone in a strange place. You’ve got an evergreen help to reach your destination, no matter which path you select to go from. It sounds like a great relief and security, doesn’t it? It’s exactly the same with the customers too. 

Are you just communicating with your customers through one medium? Go grab a device and get established everywhere! This wise action will change the fate of your online store’s customer service. 

2. Develop a proactive notification system

As lives are getting busier with hectic schedules, we understand how important notifications are. We love a sweet reminder of things we’re thinking of, don’t we? A lousy notification system can make your online store just lost among other stores. Connecting with your customers through notifications is a simple yet significant part of customer service. Just notify them about every update and aspects they are bound to know. 

Your customer has just placed an order and all the details of orders are already received. Someone in the circumference of your business has a birthday and there is a sweet message on behalf of your online store. You received a complaint about some issues about malfunctioning and your hardworking team has fixed the issue. And, the customer gets notified that the issue now no longer exists. Whoa! As a customer, receiving such pleasant care through notifications is amazing. But, don’t overdo it. Maintain yourself in a way that makes you win customers.

3. Train delivery persons

Just one fact and the importance of wise recruitment and training of delivery persons is crystal clear. The delivery persons are the only representation of your online store who interacts with customers physically! Delivery persons determine the actual representation of customer service. They have the power to make these two completely opposite situations happen. At best, they can sustain the Customer Lifetime Value(CLV) of online stores. And talking about the worst, they can make an existing customer never give a flashback to your store. The best can lead the business to success and the worst can eliminate the existing success.

For the customers, delivery persons are the seller. And, no one wants to buy anything from a nasty seller! So, hire a well-disciplined and professional personality as your delivery person. And, train them to be the best representation of the brand. Even if you partner with courier companies, strictly mention them about how the delivery persons should be.

4. Keep in touch between order placement & delivery

Order placement and delivery, the pair of most important aspects of online stores are always gapped with certain time periods. Hours, days, weeks, and even months! It always takes a certain time to deliver the ordered products. Grab the opportunity! Because this is the most important chance for you to improve customer service. During this gap, you can let customers know that you are really concerned about them and their orders. A customer ordered a good and they don’t know when their goods will be delivered. Or today is the day to expect delivery, but there is no single reach out from the online store. Phew! This can really be the deal-breaker. Customer service is not only about providing assistance to customers but also about maintaining smooth communication.

Let customers know that their order is received, being shipped, or about to reach the desired location. Communicate with them and show them gratitude for being a valuable part of your online store.

5. Always ask for the feedback

How would you feel when someone asks you for feedback about something you’ve been part of? You would most probably feel valued and make a smooth guess that they are trying to improve the occurred shortcomings. Customers are a valuable treasure of the online store. Asking them for feedback whenever they make deals with you is one of the best ways to improve customer service. Honest feedback is the best gift you could ever receive that shall help your store succeed.

Your customers need to feel valued because they deserve it. And, that’s what the provision of feedback can do! Make your customer give feedback and reviews through digital platforms or personal calls. Customer service improves in two ways. First, you will be giving respect to your customers and second, you will get to know about any present loopholes in your service. It is a chance for you to know about the aspects you need to work on.

6. Assist through live chat

Website Live Chat is the most trending and significant strategy for better customer service. It is just amazing to have the experience when the person is providing you with live assistance from behind the screen. Let’s have a fact here, a website is the primary tool of your online store. Primary tools are the best pathways to improve anything including customer service.

Always make the representative available for website live chat and guide your customers smoothly. It’s extremely fruitful for your online store to have a website live chat because you’re increasing your customers’ confidence regarding your store. Having an instant conversation from the website itself is one of the positive experiences for the customers. And, deep-down, it is the motive of any business.

7. Follow up even after the problem is solved

Problems can’t be completely eliminated but with efforts, they can be minimized and solved. It is not uncommon for online stores to have issues and problems. It is predictable, and probably you’ve also experienced that there will be reports of various issues from customers. Sometimes, you will open a message or receive a phone call that will have a disappointed customer on the other side reporting the problems. Either yourself or by contacting your team, you’ll surely try to solve the issue. And Hooray! You’ll be able to successfully solve the issue. But, that’s not the end of your duty if you wish to improve the customer service. Text, call, or email your customers and let them know that the issue is solved. Follow up even when the issue is solved.

Solving the problem is your obligation, you’re meant to do it. But, following up even when you successfully solve the problem is the shining reflection of sincerity and customer care.

8. Establish a FAQ section

Finding a Frequently Asked Questions section is one of the aspects that can amazingly make your online store productive. Yes! The FAQ section not just makes the customer service better, but also helps the store to get more deals. Establishing a FAQ section is a simple and easy task to perform. But the improvement it brings is plausible. FAQ section can help your store grow and have more deals.

Let’s make this indirect impact of the FAQ section clear. A visitor has a confusion, if he/she has to contact customer care for clearing the query, the deal to be made will most probably be halted or just canceled. On the other hand, if the visitor immediately finds the answer to the query on the FAQ section right on the website, the customer will resume and perform the halted action. Find out the most repeated and probable queries and post the answers to them without having the customer to ask.

9. Always be available

Availability is a pretty important aspect of customer care. It doesn’t have to be 24/7 but make sure the representative of the store is always available during the business hours. It’s such a deal-breaker when the customer is trying to contact your online store and has to wait long hours.

Being available might not come under the spotlight of high importance but it can determine how satisfactory the customer service is. So, build a team that will be ensuring constant assistance to the customers.

10. Handle the complaints professionally

Here are some disappointing facts you need to keep in mind! No matter how much effort you put in, there will be unsatisfied customers and you will receive complaints time and again. Nothing is perfect. So, if you receive complaints, there might have been some loopholes in your service. Handling the complaints professionally is a significant part of the customer service. It’s the right of customers to report any problems and dissatisfaction they experience during the trade. Never hesitate to apologize! Customer care is also about being polite with rude customers and their complaints. A polite tone and humble attitude can calm down any arrogant person. Professionalism is always required, even when the second person is giving you reasons to lose your manners.

Step up and adopt wise actions to improve the customer service of your online store! Quality customer service can surprisingly make any business successful, including the venture of your online store.

business idea for online store in Nepal

Top 10 Business Ideas for Starting Online Store in Nepal

As everything is getting digital, online shopping is one of the popular trends in Nepal. So, starting an online store can prove to be a good business choice. However, every business is completely linked to the demand in the market. And, each market place has different demands of products depending on various factors like community, culture, time period, and so on. For an online store to succeed in Nepal, it should have an appropriate idea that can fit well in the Nepali market.

The type of online store, the products to be sold and the services to be provided are determined by the business idea. Are you planning to run an online store in Nepal? Have you been brainstorming to find out the perfect idea for starting an online store? After dense research on the Nepali market, here are top 10 business ideas based on products for starting an online store that can well establish in Nepali market:

1. Grocery and Food Items

One of the most demanded groups of products in the market of any place is groceries and foodstuffs. Likewise, online groceries store is a promising business idea. We can hardly imagine a house without groceries. So, it is evident that groceries and food items are the basic needs of the population. Busy life with a hectic schedule leaves a very little amount of spare time for grocery shopping. And, people usually don’t prefer to spend their free time shopping for groceries. Thus, online shopping for groceries is one of the easiest and time-saving choice for anyone. An online grocery store has a promising and profitable business venture in Nepal.

2. Modern Clothing Line

Buying stylish and trending clothes by surfing over the online store is really fun and easy to do. Online clothing stores have more reach than traditional clothing shops. An online store with all modern and trendy outfits is one of the major attractions, so, a modern clothing line is a profitable business idea in Nepal. Evidently, running an online store with a variety of designed outfits and constantly adding the trends of the current time can truly make an online business go in the long run. In Nepal, online clothing stores have a high possibility of having an evergreen business.


3. Books and Publications

As Nepal is moving forward in education, online bookstores are the leading business idea. Various categories of books are in high demand in the Nepali market. Course books, literature, biography, fiction, novel, exam preparation books, etc are the evergreen requirements of people of different fields and interests. So, starting an online bookstore is one of the hopeful business ideas that can go well in the Nepali market. Buying the book online and getting it delivered at the doorsteps is a time-saving hack for life. Thus, online bookstores are preferred by many and can be a profitable business.

4. Electronic Devices and Gadgets

With Nepal stepping up in the development of science and technology, electronic devices are not only luxurious wants but also undeniable needs. Online electronic device stores can play an important role in the lives of the people in many ways and, the idea of selling electronic gadgets via online stores can prove to be a fruitful business in Nepal. Electronic devices and gadgets can never run low on demand in the market. Aren’t we always looking forward to having the latest gadgets? In addition, electronic devices keep on updating to better versions and are always on higher demand than before. So, the business of electronic gadgets usually never proceeds towards loss but always has the possibility of better deals.

5. Travel and Tour Kits

The out of the box plan for starting an online store is the business of travel kits. Travelling is one of the most preferable activities in Nepal. Nepal offers a wide range of adventurous places to travel. And, different travel and tours require different kinds of travel kits. All people might not be aware of the requirements while traveling to astonishing places in Nepal. You can start an online store that lets people know the required items to travel in various places in Nepal. And, makes the item available to the travelers. You can even attract a bunch of international tourists who visit Nepal to travel and adventure. This unique business idea can be brought into action to start an extraordinary and successful online store in Nepal.

6. Healthcare Products

It is evidently known that everyone is attentive to their health. Hence, people spend money on healthcare products without any dilemma. Healthcare products are constantly on high requirements in any market. Thus, starting an online store with the idea of selling healthcare products is a profitable business. And, it has a pretty promising market in Nepal. Masks, sanitizer, disinfectant, and gloves are the new normal. So, having an online store that sells these products can also establish a successful business in Nepal. Both retail and wholesale trade of healthcare products can be victorious. Starting your business with something that is prominent to the human population is a clever idea.

7. Baby Care Products

One of the fascinating ideas for an online store in Nepal is the trade of baby care products. First, finding an online store to buy baby care products is a relief for every parent. And secondly, baby care products are always required in the market. So, an online store selling baby care products can have a very triumphant business. If filled with quality products and led with strong planning, baby care products can give a very successful journey of trade to an online store. We are familiar with the way babies are raised in Nepal, there is no compromise while raising a baby. So, people always look for a store that contains the quality baby care items. And, an online store is more preferable over a traditional shop.

8. Cake and Bakery Items

Cakes are a symbol of love and celebrations these days. Every occasion is celebrated by having delicious and designed cakes and bakery. So, cakes and bakery items are the perfect business idea for starting an online store in Nepal. Every single day is a special day for someone. And, special days are made more pleasant with the presence of cakes. Also, bakery items are one of the most consumed products in Nepal. Therefore, online stores that take orders and deliver the cakes and bakery items can have a smooth business. In particular, there are numerous examples of successful online stores with similar business ideas. The next could be your store!

9. Jewelry and Ornaments

A woman never compromises when it comes to decorative items that she can put on to enhance her beauty. Jewelry and ornaments are the most adored and bought items by women in Nepal. So, online jewelry stores can attract loyal customers. We all know, the mainstream society of Nepal wishes to see women decorated with beautiful jewelry. And, usually, a woman loves to get decorated. An online jewelry store with captivating items shall surely be the center of attraction for many Nepalese women. The majority of women love to have lots of ornaments to decorate themselves for various moments. The requirement of jewelry in any market can never decrease. This makes the business of jewelry an amazing idea for starting an online store.

10. Customized T-shirts

Customized t-shirts are the new trend of the time. T-shirts with personalized designs and content are vastly used. So, this can be a wise and trendy idea for online stores. T-shirts are the most common outfit for any age group. Thus, everyone popularly uses t-shirts for representing various thoughts and motivations. Numerous organizations, be it educational, business, and social, utilize customized t-shirts to symbolize unity and a common goal. Similarly, t-shirts are commonly used as gifts by individualizing it with customized designs and messages. Also, customized t-shirts are the representation of bond and relationship in present fashion. Customized t-shirts are the leading business idea for starting an online store in Nepal.

Starting an online store with a perfect business idea can lead you to a successful business venture. Pick a business idea that goes well with the Nepali market and create an online store that can bring revolution in e-commerce!

online store

10 Easy Steps to Start Your Own Online Store in Nepal

With everything being led by the internet and technology, online shopping is one of the leading trends of the time in Nepal. As a result, online shopping is replacing traditional shopping at a quick pace. So, starting an online business by building an online store can prove to be a wise decision.

Starting an online store as your side business or primary business in Nepal isn’t as complicated as you might imagine. You can build your own online store in Nepal with these 10 pretty simple steps:

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software as a service

Pasls (पसल्स) के हो र यसले कसरी काम गर्छ?

पसल्स एउटा SaaS (software as a service) मा आधारीत प्लेटफर्म हो । अन्लाईन पसल खोल्न चाहने जोसुकैले मासिक या वार्षिक शुल्क तिरेर पसल्स मार्फत सजिलै आफ्नो अन्लाईन पसल खोल्न सक्छन् ।

SaaS (software as a service)

अन्लाईन पसल खोल्ने अरु तरिका भनेको कुनै सफ्टवेयर कम्पनीलाई बनाउन दिने अनि एउटा सर्भरमा राखेर होस्ट गर्ने हो । तर यो तरिका अपनाउँदा उक्त सफ्टवेयर कम्पनीलाई डेभलपमेन्टकै पैसा तिर्नुपर्ने हुन्छ, जुन सुरुवाति खर्च हो र कम्तीमा पनि २ – ३ लाख पर्न आउने हुन्छ । पसल्समा त्यो खर्च लाग्दैन । तपाईंलाई आफ्नो बिजनेसलाई अन्लाईनमा लग्नु छ भने पसल्समा आएर साइन-अप गरेको केहि क्षणमै तपाईंको अन्लाईन पसल तयार हुन्छ । शून्य सुरुवाति खर्च । तयार अवस्थामा रहेको शटर भाडामा लिएर पसल सुरु गरे जस्तै । पसल सुरु गर्नका लागि घरको कन्सट्रक्सन गर्नु परेन । र, अर्को भनेको तपाईंले जुनसुकै बेला पनि आफ्नो अन्लाईन पसल बन्द गर्न सक्नु हुन्छ । तपाईंले जति समयको लागि पसल चलाउनु हुन्छ, हुन्छ त्यति समयको लागि मात्र पैसा तिर्नु हुन्छ । अर्को भनेको समयको बचत । पाँच मिनेटमै तपाईंको अन्लाईन पसल तयार (लाईभ) हुन्छ ।

अब खाद्य व्यवस्था तथा व्यापार कम्पनी लिमिटेडको सन्दर्भमा भन्नुपर्दा, यस सरकारी कम्पनीलाई अन्लाईन अर्डर लिनका लागि छोटो समयमै तयार गरेर अर्डर लिन सुरु गरिहल्न सक्ने प्लेटफर्म चहिएको थियो जुन पसल्सले गर्न सक्थ्यो । यसो गर्दा उक्त कम्पनीले कुनै डेभलपमेन्टको लागि लाखौँ पैसा तिर्नु परेन र यस लकडाउन (बन्दाबन्दी) को समयमा छिटो भन्दा छिटो सर्भिस सुरु गर्न सक्यो ।

SaaS के हो ?

SaaS अथवा Software as a Service भनेको, एउटा बनिसकेको सफ्टवेयरलाई ग्राहकले आफूलाई पायक पर्ने गरी प्रयोग गर्न दिने सर्भिस हो । यसो गर्दा ग्राहकले त्यो सफ्टवेयर बनाउन लाग्ने खर्च बेहोर्नु पर्दैन । ग्राहकलाई जहिले चाहिने हो र जति समयका लागि चाहिने हो त्यति नै समयका लागि पैसा तिर्ने र चलाउन मिल्ने सेवा हो । यसमा सफ्टवेयरको स्वामित्व SaaS प्रदायकको हुन्छ । यसले ग्राहकहरुको लागत पूरै बचाउँछ । SaaS का केहि उदाहरण भनेको Gmail, Zendesk, Slack, Shopify, Zoom, Dropbox, Mailchimp आदि हुन् । यसमा ग्राहकले space, bandwidth आदिको बारेमा केहि मतलब गर्नु पर्दैन।

अब आयो कुरा, सर्भर किन ब्याङ्लोरमा ?

माथि भनेझैँ, SaaS मा सफ्टवेयर ग्राहक्लाई मासिक, वार्षिक वा अन्य कुनै सदस्यताको आधारमा चलाउन दिइन्छ । जुनसुकै बेला जतिसुकै धेरै ग्राहकले साइन-अप गर्न सक्ने भएकोले सर्भरको क्षमता चाहिएको बेलामा घटाउन/बढाउन मिल्ने हुनु पर्दछ । नेपालमा त्यसरी चाहिएको बेलामा सर्भरको क्षमता घटाउन/बढाउन मिल्ने प्रकारको सर्भिस दिने प्रोभाइडर कोहि पनि छैन ।

त्यसका लागि हामीसँग AWS, Digital Ocean जस्ता क्लाउड प्रोभाइडर(IaaS/PaaS) बाहेक अरु विकल्प छैन । साथै, भर्खरै सुरु भएको स्टार्टअप भएकाले नेपालमा आफ्नै सर्भर राखेर मेन्टेन गर्ने आर्थिक क्षमता पनि हामीसँग छैन । हाम्रो सर्भर Digital Ocean मा छ । Digital Ocean को डाटा सेन्टर भारतमा मात्र नभई अमेरिकाको न्यूयोर्क, सान फ्रान्सिस्को, सिंगापुर लन्डन जर्मनी र क्यानडामा पनि छ । भारतको सर्भर नेपालबाट सबैभन्दा नजिक हुने भएकाले नै ब्याङ्लोरमा राखेका हौँ ।

हामीले सर्भर जति बेला पनि अर्को प्रोभाइडरकोमा सार्न सक्छौँ । आज भारतमा छ, भोलि लन्डनमा हुन सक्छ । हाम्रो आर्थिक क्षमता र मानव संसाधन भयो भने भोलि नेपालमै पनि आफ्नै सर्भर हुन सक्छ ।


सरकारी निकायमा सफ्टवेयर टेन्डरमा दिँदा लाखौँ, करोडौँको हिनामिना हुने गरेको समाचार हामीले सुनिरहेका छौँ । यस्तो बेलामा नेपालकै SaaS platform प्रयोग गरेर, सकेसम्म कम खर्चमा अन्लाईन पसल बनाउन हामीले सहयोग गर्न सकेकोमा हामी गर्व गर्छौँ । साथै, यस प्लेटफर्मको प्रयोगका लागि प्रोत्साहित गर्नुहुन्छ भन्ने आशा गर्दछौँ ।

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Free live chat for your website

A live chat can really boost consumer engagement on your website. Adding a live chat functionality to your website allows your customers to ask you questions in real time which helps them build confidence during there shopping experience. It might even increase the average order value of an individual customer.So here we have compiled a list of free chat apps for your website, and with a paid plan get a lot out of them. Read More

delivery and courier companies in nepal

Delivery companies in Nepal

The world is developing at a faster pace in terms of business. For the expansion and prosperity, every business requires their products to be delivered more quickly and securely. Gone are the days when a customer had to wait for long days to receive their packages. Due to the growing scope of e-commerce and demand for on-time delivery, most of the companies in Nepal rely on courier service providers in order to outsource their delivery products as soon as possible. The delivery companies assist business owners in growing their businesses nationally and internationally. So here are few delivery companies in Nepal: Read More