Rating & Review Is Really Important For Online Stores-Here’s Why

How often do you back off from an about-to-do new task because an experienced person shared a negative review?

Do you recall yourself searching for experienced persons’ opinions when you were going to do something new? You obviously do. Because we always want assurance before pursuing anything new, right?

Let it be virtual or in-person; opinions, and experience always matter. When it comes to eCommerce, the experience is expressed in the form of rating & review. The ratings & reviews made by the previous customers will determine the new customer gain. Higher Ratings and Positive Reviews. These two crucial aspects can change the fate of any business, including your online store’s.

Why is Positive Rating and Review Important?

1. Works as the reference for new customers

Yes! You heard it right. Reviews are actually the references. When new customers visit your online store’s website, it’s the only section with recommendations for proceeding the deal or the warning to back off. No one can fully believe everything virtual, so reviews are esssential. People do read the review before actually getting into the deal with your store. If there are a bunch of positive reviews, it’s pretty sure that your online store will get a massive flow of new customers. Because we believe in reference!

Do you read online reviews for local businesses
82% read reviews for business when they are about to make a deal.

2. Improves ranking & increases the traffic

Positive reviews and high ratings mean higher ranks ad more traffic. The more your store has good ratings, the more highlighted it is during the search. Gaining a good amount of traffic is really important for online stores. ratings and reviews posted positively by the customers help you achieve the goal of outstanding rank and enormous traffic. You can get the traffic flow which you’ve always dreamt of.

The average time consumers spend reading reviews
The average consumer spends 13 minutes and 45 seconds reading reviews before making a decision.

3. Represents your store’s brand

We’ve heard it for a long; people don’t buy products, they buy brands! Brand matters. If you’ve impressive rating and mind-blowing natural reviews from your customers, you’re already branded. Yay! People judge your store’s brand based on the review and rating they see. If it was for physical stores, office space, location, luxurious furniture, all would matter. But for online stores, ratings and reviews are all you have to show.

What star rating does a business need to have
Only 53% of people would consider using a business with less than four stars. Duh!

4. From Views to Clicks to Customers

Views. Clicks. New customers. These are the powers of rating and review. And, of course, an online store’s goals. Higher ratings make people want to visit your store and give a thought about the products. Positive reviews make people more likely to buy from your online store.

Positive reviews make me more likely to use a business
91% agree that positive reviews make them more likely to use business. SOURCE

High Ratings. Positive Reviews. How Can You Achieve?

There ain’t no such thing as free lunch. Everything costs something. Being rated with five stars and getting overwhelmed with several positive reviews is the dream for all business owners. But, it requires a lot of effort to get to that point. Since you’re an unstoppable hard-worker and thriving business enthusiast, we’ve prepared a list of REVIEW tips to help you reach your dreams:

Consumer reviews concepts with bubble people review comments.rating or feedback for evaluate

R-Request Customers

  • Request the customers to rate and review. A lot of people won’t bother to go back to the store’s website just to give reviews and ratings. But with your excellent service and polite request, the majority of them will leave a great response. 67% of consumers have now been asked to leave a review for a local business – with 24% of these being offered a discount, gift, or cash in return.

E-Extract Feedback

  • A sip of motivation for you. There is always something good in bad. Extract feedback and opportunities to be better from negative reviews. This will help your online store to be better in the future. It would be easier to know and improve the weak aspects of your store as the customers would’ve pointed it out in the review.

V-Valuable Goods & Services

  • This is an easily guessable one. Provide first-class products and services. Make sure your online store’s service and products are something people will always value. It’s like learning ABCs to be eligible for studying English words. The fundamental requirement!

I-Improvise Customer Service

  • Customer care service can either be the deal-breaker or the compelling journey to success. Never compromise on customer service. Always focus on making customer service better. I believe you don’t want to lose all the reputation and probable success because of awful customer service. Phew!

E-Express Professionalism

  • Let’s get this straight! Some reviews won’t be the way you want them to be. Deal with the negative reviews professionally. Apologize for the inconvenience caused and behave humbly. Also, assure them that the issue, if any mentioned by the customers, would be resolved. Or, you can respond to the complaints after solving the problem.

W-Write Back

  • Did you know? Among consumers that read reviews, 97% read businesses’ responses to reviews. So, make sure you respond to the customers’ reviews. You might not always figure it out, but yes, your response to the review can make a lot of difference.

Your online store needs positive ratings and reviews to grow faster and stronger. One of the best marketing for any business is an excellent rating and on-point review. Rating & Review is really important for online stores. Now, you know why and how to achieve it. YAY!