Why is The Online Payment Options Important for Your Online Store?

Everything is getting digital, right? From the shopping we love to the assignments we do, the internet is the basic medium. With the internet taking over every possible area, trade and commerce don’t remain untouched. In fact, the internet has changed the course of trade in the present context. People are shifting their traditional business to online business. eCommerce is the most practiced as well as the fruitful form of commerce in many parts of the world including Nepal. Since you’re reading this article, it’s pretty much sure that you either run eCommerce, plan to engage in eCommerce in the near future or you’ve got a keen interest in eCommerce. Online payment methods are getting popular these days. Since eCommerce is an online form of commerce, online payment methods are obviously the innate part of eCommerce. 

So, why is online payment options really significant for the online store? From the directly visible benefits to the hidden values, we have listed the major reason behind the importance of the online payment options in an online store: 

1. Secure Payment Process

Carrying cash on the bag and proceeding to pay for something is much of a tiresome and task, right? Fear of theft and loss of money is pretty much common in physical payment whereas online payment saves us from all the fearful possibilities. The online payment processes are secure to carry on in many ways. Firstly, the payment process is free of any theft, loss, or fraud. Secondly, the whole payment process is supported by the strong evidence of the payment statement. Thus, the customers feel secure while using the method of online payment.

2. Instant Response and Acceptance

Electronic payment is a matter of just a few minutes. Whilst physical payment takes a lot of time to reviewed and accepted, the online payment process gives instant response and accepts the payment within a few moments. When an online store accepts online payment methods, it ensures reliability and faster service. Online payment methods help online stores to be more prompt and responsive in their payment process. Through, SMS and Emails, the customers are instantly notified about the transactions when they make payment through an online medium. This surely helps the online store to stand out!

3. The Larger Horizon of Customers

The most important benefit of the internet in any field is that it provides unlimited access. Similarly, electronic payment methods help the online store to accept payment from customers anywhere around the world. Let’s suppose the customer is in Jhapa but you’re the store in Kathmandu. The customer orders from your store. You’ve got the courier company ready to deliver the product. But what about the payment? How will you receive the payment? With the presence of an online payment method, you don’t need to worry about that. You can instantly receive the payment. Therefore, with the online payment method, you can serve customers who are far from your physical horizon of service.

4. Quality Customer Experience

Indeed the electronic payment method helps the customers to have a quality experience shopping with you. Various reliable features of the online payment methods like an instant response, secure payment, quicker processes, and many more facilitate the customers to make their shopping smooth and tension-free. The most important part of the shopping i.e. payment is made easier and faster by the electronic payment system. Thus, payment methods that use the internet increase the quality of customer service resulting in a quality customer experience. Customer experience is the key that decides the future of any store.

5. A platform for Marketing Opportunities

Electronic payment portfolios aren’t just the method for payment. They are the platforms that create marketing opportunities too. Affiliate marketing is possible through the electronic payment method in two ways. Either you can promote the particular online payment site in your online store’s site by taking the commission or you can let the online payment sites promote your online store for better reach. Both ways can be beneficial for your online store. If the electronic payment site that’s widely in use promotes your online store, the customers’ reach, as well as sales, can surely increase.

6. Time and Energy Saving

If the customer has to pay you through bank deposit, the time and energy required in bank processes are huge and tiring. On the other hand, if the customer prefers Cash on Delivery, your online store needs to send the staff to collect the cash and prepare the receipt card. Both of these possibilities need a lot of time and energy. But, with the payment methods that use the internet, neither the customers need to yawn thinking about the long queue in the bank nor you’ve to worry about preparing the receipt card. Everything is done digitally saving valuable time and energy.

7. Finally, Lowers risk of Communicable Infections

At last but not least, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it mandatory to think about the transmission of viruses and infections. Online payments are cashless and digital. Moreover, there is no physical contact if the electronic medium of payment is used. This surely decreases the risk of transmission of not only the SARS CoV-2 but also hundreds of communicable infections. Going digital and using the internet to receive any payment from the customers can save you from getting infected. It’s not that the electronic payment method eliminates the risk of infections, it surely lowers the risk by lowering the physical contact.

Online payment systems are beneficial for online businesses as well as customers in many ways. With everything getting digital, payment systems need to be electronic too since the contributions of electronic payment methods are awesome.

12 Tips: Grow Your Online Store Successfully

The increasing use of science, technology, and e-commerce has led to an exponential growth of online business in Nepal. Consequently, online stores are found in high quantity and a lot of people already own online stores. Likewise, significant numbers of the population have an idea to start one. There are hundreds of stores in Nepal which adopt the measure of e-commerce. So, each online store has the challenge to be extraordinary and grow successfully.

Customers have various options for online stores to buy their desired products. However, an online store has to be unique and user friendly to be the customer’s first choice.  Do you also own an online store or are you planning to create an online store? Adopt these 12 smart methods to make your online store better and extraordinary no matter what you sell:

grow online store successfully

1. Provide a variety of products

People have various choices and they love to see a lot of options to choose from when they’re buying something. Therefore, offering a variety of products in your online store is really important. Always increase the horizon and try to include as many items as you can. Providing variety in your items gives the vibes of satisfaction to the buyer. And, this surely increases the quality as well as the standard of your store. 

Here are some aspects you can focus on to ensure a variety of products:

  • Numerous brands
  • Different color options
  • Multiple designs
  • Variation in size

2. Build the quality outreach list

Creating a list of influencing and popular personalities to grow your online store by collaborating with them is a smart act. Reaching customers through your online store isn’t just enough. You have to outreach praised personalities to make their followers reach out to you. Collaborate with influencing individuals. Have a deal with them in such a way that they have engaging interaction with your online store in a publicly visible way.

You can reach out to the following groups of personalities for better output:

3. Use high-quality photos

The only illustrative method to make customers buy the product is by showing a picture of the item. Being an online store, the quality of the photo you add to represent the particular items determines whether the product would be ordered or not. For instance, you have a high-quality product, but the representation of the product in photos is unpleasant. In this case, maximum chances are that the customer won’t buy the product. Thus, you need to make sure your only visual representation of the product should be compellingly attractive, not a deal-breaker. Your online store can grow successfully if you have the best presentation of your products through images.

Following are some actionable tips to follow while taking photos of the product:

  • Use high-resolution camera
  • Maintain proper lighting
  • Arrange the product in the most attractive way possible
  • Decorate with attractive objects like flowers, cards, feathers, etc.

4. Accept wide ranges of payment methods

Various ways of accepting payment to grow online store successfully

Buyers always give a glance at the payment options available and usually proceed with their shopping if their desired method is available. Hence, payment methods play a vital role in online shopping. Make sure you include the maximum variety of payment methods and gateway. You don’t want your possible customers to turn around to another store just because you accept limited payment methods. So, expand the horizon of your payment options to make your online store successful.

Some popular gateways of payment in Nepal are mobile banking, e-Sewa, IME Pay, Khalti, E-dheba SuperApp, Connect IPS, etc.

5. Return and exchange policies

Usually, there is insecurity about the products bought from online stores. It is because the buyer doesn’t get to witness the product directly. So, it is thoughtful to have return and exchange policies. Build strong policies and requirements for return and exchange. This gives people certainty about their shopping as they know that they will somehow land to a satisfactory product for their spent money. People fear damaged, unfit and disagreeable products. And, you can eliminate this fear by having the return as well as exchange strategy.

Showing return and exchange actions tips

Make sure to visibly mention return and exchange policy which includes:

  • The deadline for the product to be returned/exchanged (Eg: Within 1 week of purchase)
  • Conditions under which return policy is applicable. For instance, wrong products, damaged products, etc.
  • Conditions under which the policy isn’t applicable. To illustrate, change in mind isn’t a valid reason for returning a product.

6. Mention the details of the products clearly

Details are the way to security and reliability. Each and every product that you sell in your store should be clearly fed with detailed features. When purchasers see an item in your store, they should be able to know about all the aspects of the product. The shopper should find answers to every question regarding the product. This is because transparent descriptions about the products make customers feel secure about the product. You should be able to eliminate the challenge of insecurity and unreliability that arises during online shopping. And consequently, you will grow your online store to reach the deserved height.

Make sure to clearly mention the following details in the description:

  • Price
  • Design of the product
  • Brand Name/Description
  • Way of functioning
  • Expiry date
  • Warranty

7. Offer attractive gifts and discount vouchers

Everyone loves to have gifts and discounts. The presence of gifts, offers, or vouchers quickly catches the attention of the shopper. Your store tends to attract more buyers and increase reach with the clever offerings of the pleasant offers. Don’t rush yourself to loss, but be smart. Evidently, people choose the store with exclusive plots over the normal store with just the business of buying and selling. Thus, be extra cheesy in your selling strategies. And, there you go stepping up to be a successful online store by being people’s first choice.

In particular, have the attractive schemes of

  • Discount Offers
  • Surprise items on delivery
  • Combo Offers
  • Promo Codes

8. Focus on customer service

The more satisfactory your customer service is, the better your online store becomes. Satisfying the customer is the main deal of the business. So, other services besides delivering goods should be impressive too. The purchaser needs to feel a connection with the store during the shopping. Customer service is one of the important assets of a victorious online store.

Establish a helpline center for your customers and be responsive. Whenever the customer orders from your store, make sure to instantly notify your customers via SMS, email, or phone call. It might take a certain time period for you to deliver the ordered items. During the gap between order placement and delivery, keeping in constant touch with your shopper is equally important. Send them notifications about the update of their orders. Let them know that their order is being packed, shipped, or departed. Moreover, always be available to your purchaser when they need you. 

9. Run digital marketing ads

Marketing is influential in the success of any business. In addition, digital marketing ads are perfect to elevate your online store. Everyone has access to smartphones. And people spend significant time using social media and the internet. Invest in digital marketing to reach a larger population and attract quality customers. Your investment in digital marketing returns in triple value. Promote your online store in every possible way.

Run advertisements on popular social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, LinkedIn, etc.

10. Create a user-friendly theme of the store

The overall theme of your online store should be simple and well designed to facilitate managed shopping. Make your store user friendly. Simplify the design of your online store with the presence of quality services. Visitors should not feel any complexity while using your store. In a nutshell, include everything in such a way that your store is uncomplicated and effortless to explore and shop. 

Add the following areas in an accessible way:

  • Shopping cart
  • Wish-list
  • Available payment options
  • Customer care
  • The policy of the store

11. Collaborate your store with various brands

Collaboration has a plausible contribution to every business. Hence, your online store can grow and become more successful if you foster collaboration with various brands. Build a partnership with various brands which has a larger reach and are trusted by the population. Partnering with other brands helps you reach the individuals who weren’t reached by you. Online store fosters only when a large number of potential customers are reached. So, collaboration is equally important in your online store’s success. Partnering with trusted brands not only helps you to reach a larger population but also builds a positive impact on your store.

12. Categorize the products precisely

Organized stores are easier and simple for hassle-free shopping. With almost everyone having access to the internet, the requirements of the visitors are different. You might have items required for your customers. But if you don’t categorize your products precisely, the chances are that your goods remain unseen. Therefore, it is crucial to split your online store into proper divisions so that one can easily surf over to the right category and find the product they are looking for. Give your customer the experience of smooth and planned shopping in your online store. The experience you provide to your customer determines the chances of being a successful online store.

Thinking out of the box and adopting smart plans for business can make your online store successful despite high competition. Visit pasls.com to create your perfect online store with extraordinary features. Elevate your business of online store now! 

How to improve customer service of your online store

How to Improve Customer Service of Your Online Store?

Well, let’s begin with the fact that customers are the most important part of the business, just like the cornerstone of the house. And, successful business is all about satisfying customers. Improve the customer service and you’re already pacing up towards success. Does your customer have special needs and demands? Fulfill them. Your buyer is bringing up a lot of queries? Just answer all of them humbly. Dealing with the customers? Be professional, let it be before, during, or after the purchase. Very easy and simple, right?

According to research, 85% of customers would willingly pay more to receive better customer care. Not to forget, the same percentage of customer losses are due to bad customer service.

Oh, Wait! Is your business e-commerce? Have you set up an online store as your business? If your answer is Yes, providing quality customer service can be a little challenging. Tricky, but possible. Being an online store you might be facing difficulties to improve your customer service. Virtual transactions. No chance of putting up a charming professional personality to deal with your customers. Relax, it’s just that modern problems require modern solutions. We’ve figured out these 10 classy ways to make customer service of your online store better:

1. Maintain multiple communication channels

Social media. Phone calls. Website. SMS & Emails. Establish a communication channel in every possible way. Since you’ve adopted the most modern path of business, utilize each benefit of the technology wisely. Don’t just limit your store’s assistance in one channel. Maintain communication with the customers via various paths. 

Imagine getting guidance from someone in a strange place. You’ve got an evergreen help to reach your destination, no matter which path you select to go from. It sounds like a great relief and security, doesn’t it? It’s exactly the same with the customers too. 

Are you just communicating with your customers through one medium? Go grab a device and get established everywhere! This wise action will change the fate of your online store’s customer service. 

2. Develop a proactive notification system

As lives are getting busier with hectic schedules, we understand how important notifications are. We love a sweet reminder of things we’re thinking of, don’t we? A lousy notification system can make your online store just lost among other stores. Connecting with your customers through notifications is a simple yet significant part of customer service. Just notify them about every update and aspects they are bound to know. 

Your customer has just placed an order and all the details of orders are already received. Someone in the circumference of your business has a birthday and there is a sweet message on behalf of your online store. You received a complaint about some issues about malfunctioning and your hardworking team has fixed the issue. And, the customer gets notified that the issue now no longer exists. Whoa! As a customer, receiving such pleasant care through notifications is amazing. But, don’t overdo it. Maintain yourself in a way that makes you win customers.

3. Train delivery persons

Just one fact and the importance of wise recruitment and training of delivery persons is crystal clear. The delivery persons are the only representation of your online store who interacts with customers physically! Delivery persons determine the actual representation of customer service. They have the power to make these two completely opposite situations happen. At best, they can sustain the Customer Lifetime Value(CLV) of online stores. And talking about the worst, they can make an existing customer never give a flashback to your store. The best can lead the business to success and the worst can eliminate the existing success.

For the customers, delivery persons are the seller. And, no one wants to buy anything from a nasty seller! So, hire a well-disciplined and professional personality as your delivery person. And, train them to be the best representation of the brand. Even if you partner with courier companies, strictly mention them about how the delivery persons should be.

4. Keep in touch between order placement & delivery

Order placement and delivery, the pair of most important aspects of online stores are always gapped with certain time periods. Hours, days, weeks, and even months! It always takes a certain time to deliver the ordered products. Grab the opportunity! Because this is the most important chance for you to improve customer service. During this gap, you can let customers know that you are really concerned about them and their orders. A customer ordered a good and they don’t know when their goods will be delivered. Or today is the day to expect delivery, but there is no single reach out from the online store. Phew! This can really be the deal-breaker. Customer service is not only about providing assistance to customers but also about maintaining smooth communication.

Let customers know that their order is received, being shipped, or about to reach the desired location. Communicate with them and show them gratitude for being a valuable part of your online store.

5. Always ask for the feedback

How would you feel when someone asks you for feedback about something you’ve been part of? You would most probably feel valued and make a smooth guess that they are trying to improve the occurred shortcomings. Customers are a valuable treasure of the online store. Asking them for feedback whenever they make deals with you is one of the best ways to improve customer service. Honest feedback is the best gift you could ever receive that shall help your store succeed.

Your customers need to feel valued because they deserve it. And, that’s what the provision of feedback can do! Make your customer give feedback and reviews through digital platforms or personal calls. Customer service improves in two ways. First, you will be giving respect to your customers and second, you will get to know about any present loopholes in your service. It is a chance for you to know about the aspects you need to work on.

6. Assist through live chat

Website Live Chat is the most trending and significant strategy for better customer service. It is just amazing to have the experience when the person is providing you with live assistance from behind the screen. Let’s have a fact here, a website is the primary tool of your online store. Primary tools are the best pathways to improve anything including customer service.

Always make the representative available for website live chat and guide your customers smoothly. It’s extremely fruitful for your online store to have a website live chat because you’re increasing your customers’ confidence regarding your store. Having an instant conversation from the website itself is one of the positive experiences for the customers. And, deep-down, it is the motive of any business.

7. Follow up even after the problem is solved

Problems can’t be completely eliminated but with efforts, they can be minimized and solved. It is not uncommon for online stores to have issues and problems. It is predictable, and probably you’ve also experienced that there will be reports of various issues from customers. Sometimes, you will open a message or receive a phone call that will have a disappointed customer on the other side reporting the problems. Either yourself or by contacting your team, you’ll surely try to solve the issue. And Hooray! You’ll be able to successfully solve the issue. But, that’s not the end of your duty if you wish to improve the customer service. Text, call, or email your customers and let them know that the issue is solved. Follow up even when the issue is solved.

Solving the problem is your obligation, you’re meant to do it. But, following up even when you successfully solve the problem is the shining reflection of sincerity and customer care.

8. Establish a FAQ section

Finding a Frequently Asked Questions section is one of the aspects that can amazingly make your online store productive. Yes! The FAQ section not just makes the customer service better, but also helps the store to get more deals. Establishing a FAQ section is a simple and easy task to perform. But the improvement it brings is plausible. FAQ section can help your store grow and have more deals.

Let’s make this indirect impact of the FAQ section clear. A visitor has a confusion, if he/she has to contact customer care for clearing the query, the deal to be made will most probably be halted or just canceled. On the other hand, if the visitor immediately finds the answer to the query on the FAQ section right on the website, the customer will resume and perform the halted action. Find out the most repeated and probable queries and post the answers to them without having the customer to ask.

9. Always be available

Availability is a pretty important aspect of customer care. It doesn’t have to be 24/7 but make sure the representative of the store is always available during the business hours. It’s such a deal-breaker when the customer is trying to contact your online store and has to wait long hours.

Being available might not come under the spotlight of high importance but it can determine how satisfactory the customer service is. So, build a team that will be ensuring constant assistance to the customers.

10. Handle the complaints professionally

Here are some disappointing facts you need to keep in mind! No matter how much effort you put in, there will be unsatisfied customers and you will receive complaints time and again. Nothing is perfect. So, if you receive complaints, there might have been some loopholes in your service. Handling the complaints professionally is a significant part of the customer service. It’s the right of customers to report any problems and dissatisfaction they experience during the trade. Never hesitate to apologize! Customer care is also about being polite with rude customers and their complaints. A polite tone and humble attitude can calm down any arrogant person. Professionalism is always required, even when the second person is giving you reasons to lose your manners.

Step up and adopt wise actions to improve the customer service of your online store! Quality customer service can surprisingly make any business successful, including the venture of your online store.

business idea for online store in Nepal

Top 10 Business Ideas for Starting Online Store in Nepal

As everything is getting digital, online shopping is one of the popular trends in Nepal. So, starting an online store can prove to be a good business choice. However, every business is completely linked to the demand in the market. And, each market place has different demands of products depending on various factors like community, culture, time period, and so on. For an online store to succeed in Nepal, it should have an appropriate idea that can fit well in the Nepali market.

The type of online store, the products to be sold and the services to be provided are determined by the business idea. Are you planning to run an online store in Nepal? Have you been brainstorming to find out the perfect idea for starting an online store? After dense research on the Nepali market, here are top 10 business ideas based on products for starting an online store that can well establish in Nepali market:

1. Grocery and Food Items

One of the most demanded groups of products in the market of any place is groceries and foodstuffs. Likewise, online groceries store is a promising business idea. We can hardly imagine a house without groceries. So, it is evident that groceries and food items are the basic needs of the population. Busy life with a hectic schedule leaves a very little amount of spare time for grocery shopping. And, people usually don’t prefer to spend their free time shopping for groceries. Thus, online shopping for groceries is one of the easiest and time-saving choice for anyone. An online grocery store has a promising and profitable business venture in Nepal.

2. Modern Clothing Line

Buying stylish and trending clothes by surfing over the online store is really fun and easy to do. Online clothing stores have more reach than traditional clothing shops. An online store with all modern and trendy outfits is one of the major attractions, so, a modern clothing line is a profitable business idea in Nepal. Evidently, running an online store with a variety of designed outfits and constantly adding the trends of the current time can truly make an online business go in the long run. In Nepal, online clothing stores have a high possibility of having an evergreen business.


3. Books and Publications

As Nepal is moving forward in education, online bookstores are the leading business idea. Various categories of books are in high demand in the Nepali market. Course books, literature, biography, fiction, novel, exam preparation books, etc are the evergreen requirements of people of different fields and interests. So, starting an online bookstore is one of the hopeful business ideas that can go well in the Nepali market. Buying the book online and getting it delivered at the doorsteps is a time-saving hack for life. Thus, online bookstores are preferred by many and can be a profitable business.

4. Electronic Devices and Gadgets

With Nepal stepping up in the development of science and technology, electronic devices are not only luxurious wants but also undeniable needs. Online electronic device stores can play an important role in the lives of the people in many ways and, the idea of selling electronic gadgets via online stores can prove to be a fruitful business in Nepal. Electronic devices and gadgets can never run low on demand in the market. Aren’t we always looking forward to having the latest gadgets? In addition, electronic devices keep on updating to better versions and are always on higher demand than before. So, the business of electronic gadgets usually never proceeds towards loss but always has the possibility of better deals.

5. Travel and Tour Kits

The out of the box plan for starting an online store is the business of travel kits. Travelling is one of the most preferable activities in Nepal. Nepal offers a wide range of adventurous places to travel. And, different travel and tours require different kinds of travel kits. All people might not be aware of the requirements while traveling to astonishing places in Nepal. You can start an online store that lets people know the required items to travel in various places in Nepal. And, makes the item available to the travelers. You can even attract a bunch of international tourists who visit Nepal to travel and adventure. This unique business idea can be brought into action to start an extraordinary and successful online store in Nepal.

6. Healthcare Products

It is evidently known that everyone is attentive to their health. Hence, people spend money on healthcare products without any dilemma. Healthcare products are constantly on high requirements in any market. Thus, starting an online store with the idea of selling healthcare products is a profitable business. And, it has a pretty promising market in Nepal. Masks, sanitizer, disinfectant, and gloves are the new normal. So, having an online store that sells these products can also establish a successful business in Nepal. Both retail and wholesale trade of healthcare products can be victorious. Starting your business with something that is prominent to the human population is a clever idea.

7. Baby Care Products

One of the fascinating ideas for an online store in Nepal is the trade of baby care products. First, finding an online store to buy baby care products is a relief for every parent. And secondly, baby care products are always required in the market. So, an online store selling baby care products can have a very triumphant business. If filled with quality products and led with strong planning, baby care products can give a very successful journey of trade to an online store. We are familiar with the way babies are raised in Nepal, there is no compromise while raising a baby. So, people always look for a store that contains the quality baby care items. And, an online store is more preferable over a traditional shop.

8. Cake and Bakery Items

Cakes are a symbol of love and celebrations these days. Every occasion is celebrated by having delicious and designed cakes and bakery. So, cakes and bakery items are the perfect business idea for starting an online store in Nepal. Every single day is a special day for someone. And, special days are made more pleasant with the presence of cakes. Also, bakery items are one of the most consumed products in Nepal. Therefore, online stores that take orders and deliver the cakes and bakery items can have a smooth business. In particular, there are numerous examples of successful online stores with similar business ideas. The next could be your store!

9. Jewelry and Ornaments

A woman never compromises when it comes to decorative items that she can put on to enhance her beauty. Jewelry and ornaments are the most adored and bought items by women in Nepal. So, online jewelry stores can attract loyal customers. We all know, the mainstream society of Nepal wishes to see women decorated with beautiful jewelry. And, usually, a woman loves to get decorated. An online jewelry store with captivating items shall surely be the center of attraction for many Nepalese women. The majority of women love to have lots of ornaments to decorate themselves for various moments. The requirement of jewelry in any market can never decrease. This makes the business of jewelry an amazing idea for starting an online store.

10. Customized T-shirts

Customized t-shirts are the new trend of the time. T-shirts with personalized designs and content are vastly used. So, this can be a wise and trendy idea for online stores. T-shirts are the most common outfit for any age group. Thus, everyone popularly uses t-shirts for representing various thoughts and motivations. Numerous organizations, be it educational, business, and social, utilize customized t-shirts to symbolize unity and a common goal. Similarly, t-shirts are commonly used as gifts by individualizing it with customized designs and messages. Also, customized t-shirts are the representation of bond and relationship in present fashion. Customized t-shirts are the leading business idea for starting an online store in Nepal.

Starting an online store with a perfect business idea can lead you to a successful business venture. Pick a business idea that goes well with the Nepali market and create an online store that can bring revolution in e-commerce!

online store

10 Easy Steps to Start Your Own Online Store in Nepal

With everything being led by the internet and technology, online shopping is one of the leading trends of the time in Nepal. As a result, online shopping is replacing traditional shopping at a quick pace. So, starting an online business by building an online store can prove to be a wise decision.

Starting an online store as your side business or primary business in Nepal isn’t as complicated as you might imagine. You can build your own online store in Nepal with these 10 pretty simple steps:

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