Top Delivery Companies in Nepal | Updated List 2020 |

Well, it’s almost impossible for us to reach every place in the world at the given time, right? But, our works and conditions might be inclusive of any places. Sometimes, someone who is far away urgently requires some major stuff. And, most of the business needs a frequent exchange of documents and packages. Likewise, if you run an online store, it’s the part of the business to deliver goods to your customers. Let it be for business goals or individual necessities! We need various stuff to be transferred somewhere far from where we are. And, in most cases, we need a third party to get our works done. Thanks to Delivery Companies for being the vital agent!

If you’ve to deliver something within Nepal or if you need to import/export any goods, we’ve tried to make things easier for you. Here is the list of top private courier companies in Nepal:

1. NepXpress Cargo and Courier

Top Delivery Companies in Nepal

NepXpress Cargo and Courier Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best delivery companies in Nepal. The company is committed to providing instant home delivery that is cheap as well as reliable. It targets to support eCommerce and startups to make their venture successful.

Special Features

  • Local Shipments ( Same Town) are done within 2 hours.
  • Delivery service is provided to all places of Nepal within 3 to 5 business days.
  • Worldwide exports/imports are also done within 5 working days.
  • Services like urgent petrol, bike and taxi rent, laundry service, etc are available.
Phone No. +(977) 01-4783933 / 34

2. Namaste Cargo Nepal

Namaste Cargo Nepal Pvt. Ltd. offers a worldwide exchange of goods. Through the connection with various nationwide and global companies, Namaste Cargo Nepal Pvt. Ltd. has been providing reliable shipping service since 2017 AD. The cheap rates and quality service makes it one of the top delivery companies in Nepal.

Special Features:

  • The company provides air and land transport, sea freight, mail, and import/export services.
  • Namaste Cargo Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is beneficial not only for shipping purposes but also for the storage of goods and products as it has warehouse facilities too. 
Phone No. +977 01 4700720 / 4239895

3. Fast Movers Nepal

Top Delivery Companies in Nepal

With the objective to support the online and corporate business. Fast Movers Nepal Pvt. Ltd. has been performing pick-up and dispatch services both outside and inside Nepal. It aims to serve individuals, as well as companies, to complete their required works within the desired time. Moreover, Fast Movers Nepal Pvt. Ltd. has 10 regional offices and 45 branches to ensure the largest area of service.

Special Features:

  • Free pickup and door-to-door shipment services are provided despite the quantity of the parcel. This service can surely save your time and money.
  • Fast Movers Pvt. Ltd. provides Home Delivery within the same day, Overnight Delivery, and 24-hour Shipping in all places of the country.
  • It provides full insurance for all the packages. The parcels are fully insured, so in case of any loss, both parties will be covered.
Phone No.  01-4496944 / 4491209

4. Nepal Express Parcel & Logistics

Nepal Express Pvt. Ltd. has been bridging the gap between the shipper and the receiver. Its services can be utilized both in Nepal as well as in other countries. As a result, Nepal Express’s clients are many and diverse. The clients include business and trading houses, export industries, B2B, and individuals all around the globe.

Special Features:

  • The company acts as a medium or agent between consumers and producers. It provides information about any goods, available in Nepal.
  • Also, Nepal Express Pvt. Ltd. handles the personal packages, gift parcels, tokens, handicraft objects, and business parcels to any address of the world at a cheap rate.
Phone No. +977 01 4233557

5. Super Kinetic Nepal

Top Delivery Companies in Nepal

Super Kinetics Nepal Pvt. Ltd. has been offering shipment services since 1990 AD. It was first registered as Kinetic Courier Pvt. Ltd. and renamed as Super Kinetic Nepal Pvt. Ltd. in 1999 AD. With more than two decades of great service, it is one of the most famous and trusted delivery companies in Nepal.

Special Features:

  • Super Kinetic Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is the largest and strongest dispatcher service provider in Nepal. It covers the self-network of more than 115 service points throughout Nepal.
  • Also, the company has 25 routes within Kathmandu Valley to assure the quickest delivery within the town.
Phone No. +977 01-4240395 / 01-4261666

6. Delivery Sewa Company

As the name itself is pretty self-explanatory, Delivery Sewa Company Pvt. Ltd. provides dispatcher services all over Nepal. All the delivery needs like sending parcels, documents, goods, fragile items, and large loads are handled by the company. So, you don’t need to worry about finding different companies for various delivery needs.

Special Features:

  • Same day delivery is available within Kathmandu Valley, Banepa, Dhulikhel, Janakpur, and Pokhara.
  • Global shipment is available to more than 200 countries.
  • On the other hand, you can even hire experts to get your work done within 1-5 hours.
  • Email and SMS notification about the delivery status is provided.
Phone No.+977 9851225679

7. Pacific Cargo Nepal

Top Delivery Companies in Nepal

Pacific Cargo Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is handling delivery services since 2005 AD. With more than 300 projects completed till the date, the company colludes with many national and global brands. Furthermore, the company assures cost-friendly, time-saving, and secure shipment.

Special Features

  • Firstly, Pacific Cargo Nepal provides all modes of shipments like road cargo, air freight, sea freight, and ground transport.
  • Secure warehousing service for the storage of goods and products makes it one of the esteemed courier companies in Nepal.
Phone No.+977 01 4413752

8. Direct Way Cargo Nepal

Direct Way Cargo

Direct Way Cargo Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is comprised of a highly motivated group of people who have more than 18 years of in-depth knowledge and experience in freight services around the world. The company has been working for the welfare of local communities of Nepal since the earthquake of 2015 AD.

Special Features

  • Warehouse as well as the service of secure packaging is provided by the company.
  • It offers the provision of insurance for all the products. Both auto-insurance, as well as added insurance, is available based on the goods and mode of delivery.
Phone No.+977 01 5350337 / 5316559

9. NPL Parcel

Top Delivery Companies in Nepal

NPL Parcel Pvt. Ltd. has well-established trust and fame among many organizations. It has become known among Business houses, Projects, Banks, Exporters, Government, and Non-Government Organizations, etc. It provides steady and cheap shipment services in all places of Nepal and across various countries.

Special Features:

  • The company provides the safe storage of goods, files, packages, etc. within a specified place.
  • Also, NPL Parcel Pvt. Ltd. has been specializing in all types of goods by means of the best packing.
Phone No. +977 01 4254422

10. Speedex Worldwide


Established in 2011, Speedex Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. offers domestic as well as worldwide delivery services. Mainly, the company has collaborated with multiple national and international brands to ensure the best services to its customers.

Special Features:

  • Firstly, Speedex Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. manages all the work of exports and imports meeting all the legal conventions.
  • All kinds of services like Airport to Door, Door to Airport, Door to Door, and mixed-mode will help you to meet your shipment needs.
Phone No.+977 – 1-4480405 / 4481232

A piece of information and advice for online business! Most of the courier firms collaborate with eCommerce businesses. Choosing the best delivery company is important to grow your business. Thus, reach out to any courier company you like and create partnerships. We can’t reach everywhere, but we can surely unite with someone who has the ability to get things done for us.